Chris Matthews’ back-patting: Claims to know when he’s ‘making an ass’ of himself

You could almost make a “Chris Matthews gaffes” highlight reel of his years as an MSNBC host.

He once called West Point, site of the U.S. Military Academy, “enemy territory.” He has said President Barack Obama gave him a “thrill up his leg.” He even made an awkward pass at CNBC anchor Erin Burnett on live air. And on his Thursday show, he told Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall he was falling in love with him.

But don’t let him know those gestures probably aren’t appropriate, especially for live television.

On his Friday broadcast of “Hardball,” Matthews boasted to MSNBC contributor Richard Wolffe and Salon.com’s Joan Walsh they, especially himself, are capable of knowing when to say when as it pertains to making dumb remarks – which he claimed made him unlike Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann.

“We have superegos,” Matthews said. “We have that thing that Freud says, ‘Slow down, stop it – you’re making an ass of yourself.’ These people who are running this country don’t have that thing. Michele Bachmann just goes right to the top. She just runs for president without any pretense of having the material to run with.”


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  • lukuj

    Trust us, Chris, you really SON’t know when you are making a fool out of yourself or you would stop talking on the air entirely.

  • righthere

    Q: How do you know Chris Matthews is making an ass of himself ?

    A: His lips are moving……

    Glad he finally realized what we have known all along

  • Makka2000

    No he doesn’t. If he did he would stop making such an ass of himself so regularly.
    He needs to look up the meaning of the word hypocrite.

    At a function in DC 2 years ago when he was MC he said he missed the days of non-partisan politics.
    What a lying piece of scum

  • snappercat

    Then why does he?

  • floridavet

    Chris Matthews claims to know when he’s ‘making an ass’ of himself.

    Like whenever he opens his mouth?

  • OthugoisaLOSER3

    SOMEBODY will give him the PROTOCOLS OF ZION and tells him SOROS can VOUCH for its authentistity, With THAT STATEMENT he WILL RUN WITH IT COMPLETELY!!!As he runs with the PROTOCOLS somebody comes on the Bill O show and PUBLICALLY ADMITS they have SCAMMED Matthews.. Within 12 HOURS TOPS he is HISTORY!!! LOL

  • truebearing

    Matthews has a fool proof method (it would have to be) for telling when he is making an ass out of himself: he listens for the sound of his voice.