Obama administration focused more on ‘green’ part of ‘green jobs’ rhetoric

When it comes to President Barack Obama’s “green jobs” push, the administration may be more interested in “green” than “jobs.”

Institute for Energy Research President Tom Pyle told The Daily Caller the Obama administration has been fairly consistent in its plans to use taxpayer dollars to fund “green jobs” training programs, partly as a marketing ploy to push its energy agenda.

“Nobody knows how to define what a ‘green job’ is so, what are they training for? I have no idea but I do know guys like Van Jones, Obama’s self-proclaimed energy czar, has been very, very vocal about using the government’s resources to jobs programs in the inner cities,” Pyle said in a phone interview. “They’ve been using this ‘green jobs’ rhetoric to kind of gloss up, if you will, what I would argue is nothing but a government program.”

The Obama administration is focused on what it calls “renewable energy,” but Pyle said the White House is really pushing a few agenda-driven energy programs: wind, solar and “efficiency” — things like new windows and caulking. The Department of Energy got $16.8 billion of stimulus funds for such programs.

Pyle said Obama’s team is also “obviously” interested in “electric cars, because they own General Motors and they’re promoting the hell out of that.” He said the administration is hassling companies that don’t fit its agenda, using the EPA and other enforcement agencies to make it more and more difficult for them to grow and create jobs.

“They were responding to public pressure to allow drilling for oil and gas offshore in March, then the BP spill happened in April, and they’ve used that not only as an excuse to go backwards but also to basically stop issuing permits to drill for oil and gas offshore,” Pyle told TheDC. “They’ve just shut down the entire process.”

Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government told TheDC that if the Obama administration was serious about job creation, it would loosen the restrictions its agencies and administrations have on the private sector energy companies.

“If this administration wanted to jump employment, they could re-open drilling, end the EPAs attack on the Texas oil refineries, and stop killing jobs in the coal sector, and millions of jobs would be created,” Manning said in an e-mail.

These “renewable energy” programs are not sustainable industry drivers though, because they start falling apart once the government funding dries up. Pyle’s organization commissioned studies documenting the failure of similar programs in other countries.

“The government was going to guarantee either market share or help with production or some combination thereof to spur the industry,” Pyle said. “It worked great. People were lining up to build these facilities.”

But, after the windmills were built and the facilities were put together, the companies behind them only had to hire people to “mow the grass” and “lube the windmills,” Pyle said.

Pyle also said Denmark, for example, generates about 20 percent of its electricity from wind, but exports most of that to other countries because they can’t store it when they collect it.

“So, the result is, the people who got rich is the people who got in line to produce the windmills,” Pyle said. “They’re exporting the actual electricity, and, meanwhile, they’re subsidizing the project that has the highest rates in Europe.”

  • truebearing

    The left has committed a series of coups that have led up to the current attempt at the final takeover of this nation.

    First they infiltrated our entire educational system, starting at the college level. Our nation’s leftist professors broke down students who came to college with traditional values and turned many of them into liberals, or hard core leftists. Those students who entered the fields of education and media continued the surreptitious leftist insurgency right up until today, where now our entire public school system has been turned into a political indoctrination system.

    Another leftist coup was simultaneously taking place in the Democrat Party, where Marxists/Communists/Progressives have disguised themselves for years, and pushed relentlessly to the left.

    In the 60s the environmental movement began, which was initially well intentioned, for the most part, but the left infiltrated the various organizations and gradually turned it into a dual purpose political cause. For example, the founder of the Sierra Club quit his own group because of the far left agenda that usurped its original intended purpose. As in Europe years before, the left wrested the control of the environmental agenda and fashioned a stealth cloak out of it from which they could further the underlying goal of Marxist revolution.

    Using the cloak of environmentalism, which the left used to literally create a new morality, as a fulcrum for leveraging guilt, they have now wedded the environmental religion to the economy, which is ultimately what Marxism is all about. If they control the economy, they control everyone’s life. Green is red. The “green economy” is a cloak for first destroying the existing economic system and transfering power to the true believers, like Al Gore, George Soros, and Van Jones. It has absolutely nothing to do with jobs.

    The reason the left latched onto environmentalism is simple. It is easy to demagogue, and there is no ugly history associated with it like the 150,000,000 people murdered by leftist regimes in the 20th century. Everyone alive has “skin in the game” when it comes to the environment, and leveraging fear and compliance from the gullible has never been easier. Environmentalism has become the left’s storefront religion. If you buy their environmental message, you end up with their political oppression.

    For those inclined to buy into the left’s environmental lies, I would suggest reading what the environmental movement’s leaders see as the “solution” to our globes human problems. Here’s a hint: get rid of most of the humans. Many on the environmental left think the world’s population should be reduced to 350 million people, some as low as 100 million. Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren, just happens to be one of those fanatics. Odds are the “environmental solution” includes the majority of those who read this comment.

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  • ladylove

    Van jones the self proclaimed marxist, Mao Tse-tung lover, friend, and advisor to Obama, pushing jobs, that do not even exist, and getting paid in taxpayers money to do so.

  • 1TrueOne55

    But you have to go deeper. BO and his family of Green addicts all own some sort of financial investment in the Global Warming Green. He is a founding member of the CCX that would trade “carbon credits” in exchange for cash, it is a fraud and a scam of the Ponzi type. Bernie Madoff is screaming to let him out since he did not get as much money as this Cap and Trade scheme that the EU has shown to fail in its ability to reduce carbon output, in fact I believe the facts show that it increased carbon emissions.

    • flips

      Agree that Cap and Trade is BS.

      What is needed is simply a Cap.
      Regulation of climate pollution with no buying or selling.

      • Michael Puerling

        yes you should cap your breathing immediately

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  • flips

    Matthew Boyle call himself a “Professional Journalist.”

    Which is a pretty funny self-moniker, considering the fact that he doesn’t tell both sides of the story.

    Green tech jobs have grown 56 percent in California since 1995. By contrast, biotech jobs have grown just 7 percent and total employment has grown just 18 percent.

    Editorial: Growth of green jobs offers a ray of hope (Sacramento Bee)

    • glassmaker

      The article is about the White House agenda, not California’s. Instead of criticizing Boyle, how about you learn to read.

      • flips

        Whatever, pollution hugger.

        Bashing progress is Archie Bunker politics.
        The kids think it is lame and won’t vote for regression.

        • glassmaker

          Oh, sorry, didn’t see the “WARNING: $HIT FOR BRAINS” stamp on your forehead.

      • didacticrogue

        If you’re expecting this kid (“flips”) to remain on point, reasoned, or even coherent, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

        • glassmaker

          Nope, not disappointed, not surprised, but laughing my butt off! He’s a real treasure, huh.

        • ladylove

          real big disappointment.

          despite being proven wrong, over, and over and over, people like flips, joe steel, gooners, hampton, loudog, pink, to name a few, they keep coming back with the same talking points, like they are brand new.

          and 99 percent of the time they are all proven wrong.

          but it is always fun to watch them implode.

          and if they cannot argue the message, they will attack the messenger, that is how they think they have gotten the better of you.

    • 1TrueOne55

      And if I remember those “Green Tech Jobs” are Union only? At least the Solar Collector project in Southern Califronia is. How much more expensive will that project get when they figure out that a computer will then take over and all they will need is a degree in Window Washing to keep the panels clean, that job pays minimum wage.

    • Matthew Boyle

      Thanks for linking to my personal website, flips! Appreciate the extra publicity!

      But, your critics are right. This story was about the Obama administration’s agenda, not California.

      And what is this about Archie Bunker politics? Not true. And, progress would be cool if it actually happened. No progress has happened with Obama’s “green jobs” agenda, only bigger government and fewer jobs. Proof is in the pudding.

    • californiacitizen

      If there were 100 so-called green jobs to start with and then you added 56 more jobs, you would have a 56% increase. So, the percentage doesn’t mean much unless you know how many jobs were there to start with.

      If biotech had a 1,000 jobs, then 17% would mean 170 more jobs.

      So, you don’t really know which field created more jobs. Using the percentage is very deceptive.

      Green jobs are paid for mostly with subsidies of tax payer dollars, so they aren’t really helping the economy until they can stand on their own.

      • Matthew Boyle

        californiacitizen: That’s right on. Anyone can twist statistics to make them look more or less favorable to them – exactly what the Obama administration is doing and what flips is doing with ‘green jobs’ numbers. The problem with ‘green jobs’ is that they’re, at this point, completely unsustainable. The administration has no interest in trying to find a sustainable business model either, and has made that pretty clear. It’s also true that none of these programs would survive without the government subsidies/handouts/tax breaks – and companies will fold up and shut down when the government money well runs dry.

  • woodswalking1

    Is no one concerned about this guy? Where are the voices of folks that are concerned about socialists/marxists in our government?

    • 1TrueOne55

      Listen it does not matter where this guy is. He was in the White House for a short time and then he was moved to a Progressive Think Tank connected to the White House. It does not matter where they are located physically he can still get to the President if the President wants his advice or consultation. Progressives do it and Conservatives do it, Politicians do it.

      The President can listen to any voice he wants to but how he acts related to the Laws of the Land or the Constitution are more of what we should be looking at. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!

      • ladylove

        you got that right.