The Fox News response: ‘Did he get tired of not beating the Yankees and the Red Sox, i.e. Bill O’Reilly?’

Now that Keith Olbermann has announced his departure from MSNBC, there’s a lot of guesswork going into determining what exactly was behind his departure.

The 800-lb gorilla – the rating champion Fox News early speculation happened on Saturday morning’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends.” Co-host Dave Briggs wondered if Olbermann finally said enough because he was tired of finishing behind Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on a regular basis.

“It’s just like a famous break-up, you want to know who dumped who,” “Did he dump the network? Did the network dump him? Did he get tired of not beating the Yankees and the Red Sox, i.e. Bill O’Reilly? Did he just have enough of that? Was that the last straw?”

And co-host Alisyn Camerota considered the possibility that it had a lot to do with friction between Olbermann and management at NBC Universal, as many others have suggested including Bill Carter at The New York Times.

“But furthermore – yeah, you want to know what the last straw was,” Camerota said. “Was there an event, because if you remember, he has had some duffs with management over the years. In fact, I think most recently in November, remember he was suspended for two days after it was revealed he contributed to some Democrats campaigns. So, what was it that was the final straw?”


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  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com apollospeaks


    After close to six years of struggling to compete with Rush Limbaugh and Conservative talk radio, and coming just two days after Scott Brown’s shocking victory over Kennedyism in Massachusetts, the Air America Radio Network announced its dissolution and demise. The date was January 21, 2010 exactly one year to the very day when Keith Olbermann would call it quits on MSNBC. Amazingly, Air America began broadcasting on March 31, 2004 with the Al Franken Show. Amazing beacuse Air America’s launch date fell on the first anniversary of Olbermann’s roll out of Countdown…..

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  • cong

    Ahole? If all the Aholes quit then FakeNews would be off the air and Tucker would be stumbling around the city mumbling his about homophobic fantasies.

  • jonavark

    Wow.. hard to believe we’re still talking about this ahole.

    Here’s the difference between Fox and Olbermann.

    Fox largely ignored MSNBC.
    Fox Pundits talked about issues and their audience tuned in to hear that.

    Olbermann talked about FOX. Period.

    So he was ALWAYS going to be at the bottom of the list because he was nothing more than a whiner and a bomb thrower.

    That is all there is to it.

    Can we forget about him now and concentrate on getting rid of the Err Amerika mangirl?

    • TxGold

      Yeah, sgt schultz talks about Fox incessantly. Seems msnbc has ‘Fox’ envy.

  • letsbehonest

    Fox News “We Gloat, You Decide!”

    • clw

      Why SHOULDN’T they? They get crap from the ridiculously biased lame-stream media day after day after day! I’d gloat too!

    • jonavark

      Actually it is:

      We Report, You Decide, Everyone gloat!

      Though this idiot will no doubt show up in some other unwatchable media manure pile.

  • KGC

    Keith who?

  • minicapt

    He probably was caught inviting staff into his office to watch Eric Idle’s skit “Nudge, Nudge; Wink, Wink”. The problem was that he always repeated the question at the skit’s end, “Really, what’s it like?”


  • thephranc

    I’m betting COMCAST and it’s bottom line had more to do with his ousting than anything else.

  • clw

    Seems pretty obvious to me.

    In any job, if you are under-performing, and in HIS job, are not getting the ratings for his network, then you have to go, correct?

    Compound that with his propensity to do things like not pay taxes, and to make contributions to far left groups, which apparently he was not supposed to be doing according to his contract. They probably decided at the time of his last suspension that he could finish out his contract but that it wouldn’t be renewed.

    Is anyone surprised? I’m sure not.

    • tiffinwalla

      your argument is poor…if msnbc got rid of him due to performance, then he should have been one of the last to go. Countdown was the necessary anchor for the network, allowing them to launch rachel maddow and leapfrog cnn. the $30M deal he signed 2 years ago with ratings below where they are now attests to that. msnbc would very likely nor exist absent countdown’s success. this move appears to stem from the fact that keith has a reputation for criticizing management wherever he goes, which often results in sudden departures of this sort.
      cable news and talk radio are mediums that skew towards the elderly and rural consumers (with the notable exception of howard stern and his ilk)…the fact that olbermann was able to bring in an urban, higher income audience means that he will find a job elsewhere without difficulty

      • righthere

        The only reason any of them held a job at this network was GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt’s desire political relevance to rival Sorros.

        Evidently he has been successful because GE has garnered dozens of high dollar no bid contracts from the Obama Administration and…..Oh by the way

        Immelt has been appointed to the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which replaces the disbanded Paul Volcker Economic Recovery Advisory Board

        • oldguy5

          You are probably the most correct. Now with Comcast buying them, GE/Immelt won’t control it anymore. Comcast is out to make money for it’s shareholders unlike Immelt who only wanted to push the ODUMBO agenda.

          Wait, soon you will see Maddow, Matthews, Schultz, etc leaving as well.

          I hope Comcast cleans up NBC as well.

      • truebearing

        Olbermann wasn’t underperforming? By whose standard. O’Reilly has been kicking his ass all over the country for years. It wasn’t even close.

        Who wants a hyperbolic, self righteous, megalomaniac with a persecution complex and pronounced tendency towards grandiosity? HBO already has Bill Maher. There are only so many venues for complete idiots.

        • oldguy5

          Bill Maher on HBO is the only reason I won’t subscribe to it.

          I refuse to support outlets that spew hate. And Maher is a HATER!!!

      • Injest

        “Countdown was the necessary anchor for the network, allowing them to launch rachel maddow and leapfrog cnn.”

        Problem with your argument, “and leapfrog cnn”.

        CNN self destructed, it has nothing to do with KO, MSNBC or FNC.

        MSNBC did not pick up the CNN viewers, FNC did.

        “the $30M deal he signed 2 years ago with ratings below where they are now attests to that.”

        Problem with your argument, At 7 million a year Olbermann was the lowest paid host for his position.
        He WAS the lowest paid because of his ratings.

        “msnbc would very likely nor exist absent countdown’s success.”


        “this move appears to stem from the fact that keith has a reputation for criticizing management wherever he goes, which often results in sudden departures of this sort.”

        Errrr ya, ya think by know after being fired by all those previous employers he would have figured that out by now.

        cable news and talk radio are mediums that skew towards the elderly and rural consumers (with the notable exception of howard stern and his ilk)…

        Ahh, Sure just keep telling yur self that.

        the fact that olbermann was able to bring in an urban, higher income audience means that he will find a job elsewhere without difficulty



        • tiffinwalla

          some decent responses, others ad hominem and without content…
          firstly, olbermann consistently increased his ratings over time, creating msnbc’s current market position. cnn certainly helped,no argument there, but KO clearly was and deserved to be the highest paid guy there..
          i doubt anderson cooper is making more than $7.5M, show me how this is a low salary for a cable news salary
          your responses to cable news demographics is insufficient, most in the industry would not dispute my characterization, if you disagree it would be great to hear some counterexamples
          i dont have a problem with disputing my opinions, i dont even mind smarminess if you make strong points… if you want to try again i will happily engage (ps- riseabove provides some data you might want to reference)

  • philm1

    Lets all stop speculating and wait for an answer. It will come out eventually. Always does.


    • joep55weirdvibes

      Aw, c’mon, Phil. It’s fun to speculate on this stuff!
      I think management finally had enough of Olbermann. I mean, it’s fun to watch shows where people argue about stuff, even though on many of these shows we don’t really learn much at all. But Olbermann just rubbed me the wrong way, like he was going to a different hate-level and trying to not just show how good the liberal cause is, but just how downright evil the conservative cause is. Truth is, both sides have their good and bad points, and the legislative push-and-pull between these two extremes has much to do with why this country works as well as it does.

      What I would like to see, in a perfect world, is for Glenn Beck over at Fox to similarly get the boot. He’s even worse than Olbermann, not with the personal attacks but with the generally incendiary stuff and downright misleading lies he puts out on his show every day. I think he’s an embarrassment to Fox, frankly. I’m surprised he’s still there doing his shtick.

      So, there’s my speculation, Phil. Whaddaya think?

      • souksph

        Interesting. Beck has a track record of being right about the housing bubble in 2004 and people called him crazy. Beck has a good prediction on gold price rising when it was 600 dollars an ounce. Educate me on what Beck is lying about? He reference his resources and shows where he gets most of his information. Don’t forget he has a team of economic advisers, religious advisers, and probably more team than we should know. What team of advisers do you have?None? Do you just search google? wikipidea? Give me a break please. If you can’t afford any professional advisers, how can you say every day he spews lies when you don’t have a team of advisers to counter his facts, prediction and opinions. Please tell me what has he predicted wrong that he hasn’t corrected? Don’t forget Beck is not perfect he makes mistakes, but unlike Keith, he actually apologize to his audiences and correct his mistakes.

      • rainmaker1145

        Why don’t you put up or shut up? What does Glenn Beck regularly lie about? Color me surprised when you don’t have anything that stands up or any answer at all…

      • riseabove

        Beck, an embarrassment? Don’t go into marketing, whatever you do. I mean, who knew that giving the general public in-depth analysis and best-guess scenarios based on facts as opposed to previously proven failed utopian fantasies based on distortions, embellishments and outright lies could be so profitable to advertisers and networks? Who would’ve dreamed that there’s a huge niche for substance over exploitation and sensationalization?

        I may not agree with everything he says and he constantly urges people to do their own research and not to take his word for anything, but he does his level best to offer much needed insight into what’s happening politically and socially.

        No, I highly doubt FOX is embarrassed by Beck’s success.

        • clw

          Yes, his wildly successful “embarrassment” is causing FOX to laugh all the way to the bank, unlike the big failure, MSNobody. Yes, I’m sure the soaring ratings are giving them fits!

      • tiffinwalla

        agreed on beck…no matter how much his acolytes try to ignore it, beck’s audience skews toward those with lower education and income, which is why advertisers avoid the show. notice how many of his commercials have to do with buying gold at a 10% premium to market rates, buying overpriced life insurance or medicare funded wheelchairs. demographic is undesirable because his rhetoric does not hold up to intelligent scrutiny.

        • truebearing

          You just supplied a lot of rhetoric, none of it intelligent, so why don’t you provide some evidence to back up your maunderings? beck has been right about a lot of things, but if he is wrong about something, as you suggest, it should be easy for you to document what it is.

          BTW, I won’t be holding my breath. I have challenged Beck critics in the past, many times, and to date not one of you has been able to respond to my challenge. Pretty pathetic, to say the least.

          • tiffinwalla

            remarks on demographic aren’t really rhetorical… so i assume you are addressing “intelligent scrutiny” comment: first, there are some items he makes valid points on, mostly monetary issues surrounding the debt…the problem is he tries to blame the increased financial leverage on “progressivism” alone, which is pretty one-dimensional given Reagan’s voodoo economics,W’s medicare part d entitlements and bank deregulation. certainly dems deserve a good deal of the blame, but the real impetus for dollar weakness has been the growing trade deficit, which i think has alot more to do with corporate actors looking for labor arbitrage opportunities than the increased federal budget.. the free trade dogma of the post coldwar era is largely a conservative cause and ought to be taken to account.
            mr. beck’s constitutional law analysis is perhaps the most galling, where he describes the founding fathers as a rather uniform group…in reality, the federalists were bitter opponents of jeffersonian democrats…much of the power of the federal government that he rails against was instituted by hamilton, marshall and madison. the disagreements here are complex and instructive, mr. beck does a disservice to his audience by oversimplifying the issues.
            see gordon wood’s “empire of liberty” on the founding fathers and google “bretton woods ii” for more detailed explanation of monetary and global economic issues. thx

          • jonavark

            That long post was not evidence. You have wandered into your own failure.

        • johninnevada

          Does the name AirAmerica mean anything. Come on folks….Liberalism is gasping for air and suffering it’s final moments. Conservativism is thriving, growing and expanding (TEA Party). Liberalism on the other hand is dying a slow and painful morale death and I’m lovin it. I sat in amazement while the last two years I was called a terrorist, enemy, kidnapper, told to ride in the back of the bus by our first “black” president. WAIT……..is that the sound of hen’s home to roost!

          The problems with our society:

          1) Hippies
          With the liberal hippy culture came “free-love” “zone-out” etc.

          2) Leaf Blowers
          When I was a kid, my father mowed our lawn, vacuumed (yes vacuumed) the clippings, bagged them, sat them at the curb on tuesday mornings and a couple of guys came and hauled them off. TODAY…we don’t clean up our messes, we just blow our crap into our neighbors yard.

          • hampton

            Leafblowers. Laugh!

        • riseabove

          According to Quantcast, as of today the glennbeck.com website audience consists of:

          SEX: 61% male, 39% female
          AGE: 29% 35-49, 47% 50+
          RACE: 95% Caucasion
          INCOME: 36% $100k, 24% 60-100k, 27% 30-60k, 14% 0-30k
          EDUCATION: 22% Grad School, 50% College, 28% No College

          The site attracts a more affluent audience and has a high index of graduates and post graduates.

          • tiffinwalla

            i like your response, very relevant numbers..i would only argue that the internet audience in general is more educated and wealthier..the tv show i doubt draws the same audience, although feel free to rebut if you can fund the numbers…thanks for the reference

          • jonavark

            Please.. explain why the internet audience is so intelligent. I’ve been on the internet in discussions of one sort or another since it began. Frankly, I don’t see the extreme level of intelligence you portray. And you haven’t shown any particular high level of anything but confusion.

            Liberals are used to lying to try and move their agenda forward. One need go no further than Huffington Post or Kos to prove that.

            Stop slithering around your opinion. The assertions you are making can not and have not been proven by any stretch of the imagination.

            The ‘poll’ done a couple of months ago regarding Fox viewers was proven to be bogus. Apparently you did not get that memo.

            It is a typical ploy from folks like you to try and minimize your opponents. Pull some elitist cards and if they don’t work go for the race card and then devolve into the usual slander.. trailer trash, teabaggers.. etc.

            It is not working so well though is it?

            The people who pander to you are losing. From Err Amerika to Keith Olbermann. And this trend will continue as MSNBC loses more of its bomb throwers.

            From what you posted here it seems you are the one who is unable to think for yourself. You’re simply regurgitating pure crap.

        • Injest

          seems you watch Beck?
          That would make you part of his audience, yes?

          That would make you poor (lower income) and stupid (lower education), yes?

          BTW You do know that the “poor”, generally, are not the people that buy Gold, yes?

          “because his rhetoric does not hold up to intelligent scrutiny.”

          I could ask you for an example, but it seems you all ready provided one!

          • tiffinwalla

            yikes….i only watch the commercials, tells you a good deal about any show’s target audience
            equating uneducated with stupid is a stretch i think, the are plenty of educated blowhards and an equal number of bright people without college degrees
            selling gold above market prices only works on those people who don’t know there are plenty of ways to buy it cheaper (GLD, for example)
            overall, more hot air than substance..try again

          • jonavark

            Only watch the commercials..

            well you were doing fine.. without any real data, posting your opinion about Beck’s audience.

            But you blew it with the “only watch the commercials” complete and total BS. How are we supposed to take you seriously?

            Look.. If you are trying to pull some elitist garbage here then prove your point. You are dancing like a puppet. Not displaying anything but prejudice. Probably heightened anxiety from losing one of your heroes from PMSNBC.

            If you were really concerned about the level of intelligence in political discourse you might present yourself with a little more class. And you might want to do an IQ scan of the liberal Democrats in Congress. Previous and current.

            Let’s start with Guam tipping over.

        • southernandproud

          From your IQ level (single digits) this is your truth. Based on real facts, NOT so true.

          • tiffinwalla

            ad hominem attack, please dispute content..thx

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