Colin Powell on Obama: ‘We didn’t elect Superman, we elected a human being’

In 2008, former Secretary of State Colin Powell bucked the Republican Party and endorsed then-Sen. Barack Obama in his campaign for president against Arizona Sen. John McCain. He described Obama then in very glowing terms – “a transformational figure” and “a generation coming.”

Over two years later, Powell still has a favorable view of Obama, but he isn’t as flattering as he was in 2008. “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley on her Sunday CNN program asked Powell if he still held Obama in high regard.

“Yes, I think he’s got a way to go,” Powell said. “I mean, he hasn’t achieved all of his purposes, but he’s stabilized the economy. The economy is now starting to rebound, more slowly than we would like to see, but it is rebounding. Whether you approve of health care or not, he took on that issue which I think is a major challenge for the American people. What do we do about 40 million Americans who have no health insurance? And so I hope we can fix whatever may be at fault in the bill that was passed, but we need some kind of health reform, and I think he took that on.”

Crowley asked if the perception of the country abroad has changed under Obama. Powell said it had, but the “transformational” part hasn’t completely remade the image of the United States because he’s not “Superman.”

“Well, I think it is better. I think the favorability rating of the United States and the administration has gone up. But, you know, we didn’t elect Superman, we elected a human being, Barack Obama, who came in with an idea, with energy, and I think with a youthful – a more youthful approach to things,” he said. “And I think that has been proven useful as we see more countries helping us out in places like Afghanistan, where we see people who want to work with us on climate change and other issues, where we see the invigoration of the G20 as a new economic forum in which to do things. So I think, yes, there have been improvements, but at the same time we could not expect everything to improve for the better all at once just because a new personality came on the scene. Every nation in the world ultimately reflects, in its policies its national needs and its own political situation and doesn’t just reflect who the American president is.”


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Watch the entire interview on CNN.com here.

  • Quincyb15

    I am wonder why all of you are talking about blacks playing the victim and get by on it. yet all of you based your arguments on hate of one or more races. why don’t you take all this builded up rage and use it in a positive manner, say building up your country rather than tearing it farther apart with all this hate and stupidity. I am black, active duty member of the US Navy. God created me just as he created you. all of this bitterness is a waste of time and doesn’t move our country forward. As a member of the army forces, I stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters; black, whites, asian, hispanic, gay or straight. It doesn’t matter to me the color of their skin. how can we ever get past the ugly past of our country and rebuild our image as a world power if we can’t even learn to get past the color of one skin. I pray that you all grow up and hopefully it want be to late..

    Navy HM 8489 NWS Chuck

  • pepito

    Looks like Colon Powell is looking for another government gig, by sucking up big time to the doofus-in-chief!

  • Bacomandata

    Its amazing how these NWO fellows stick together. In his case, was getting duped out by Bush into getting in Iraq and making his credility look suspect, or cossing party lines was easy when there philosophy is much the same in foreign affairs? Birds of a feather.

  • libertyatstake

    Memo to Powell: We elected a rookie ideologue. And we’re paying the price. btw- just announce you’re a Democrat and be done with it. This is getting old.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • BigMG

    Correction. Powell was and is a Republican. A Republican Progressive. We don’t live in a GOP vs DEM polarized world. Progressivesim vs Constitutionalism is a more apt phrase.

    Nobody is surprised by Powell’s behavior. Both parties contain people who would rather have a socialistic government. They mostly reside left of the aisle, but not so much anymore.

    Powell just gets trotted out everytime the LameStreamMedia needs to blur the distinction between Republican and Conservative. The LSM likes to fan the fire of partisanship in the hope that nobody will see that both sides are essentially the same.

    Distract – Deceive – Defeat

    Why do you thing Palin is so hated by the LSM?