Caught on camera: The Rat Pack in full swing [SLIDESHOW]

What’s better than fame, dapper suits, cigars and liquor? Nothing, if you’re the Rat Pack.

The intimate, elite Hollywood clan known as the Rat Pack (which got its name after Humphrey Bogart’s wife, actress Lauren Bacall, observed that her husband and his group looked like a pack of rats after a night out in Las Vegas) is now more accessible than ever before.

According to the Daily Mail, the ‘boisterous antics’ of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and others caught on camera has been previously unavailable to the public. However, when a photographic agent discovered the negatives of the group in a cardboard box recently, he decided to share them with the masses in a limited edition book by Reel Art Press.

Here is a glimpse into Hollywood’s most famous stars — all photos courtesy of the Daily Mail online.

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  • This intimate shot captures Sinatra and Martin as they unwind in the NBC studios in 1962 (Daily Mail).
  • Lawford, Sinatra, Davis Jr along with Al Hart, rumoured to be the Mob's chief financial man, sweat it out in the steam room at the Sands in Las Vegas (Daily Mail).
  • Dean Martin, known as the King of Cool who recommended a drink for breakfast, in an off-guard moment in 1961 (Daily Mail).
  • Davis Jr breaks into peals of laughter while Sinatra and Martin struggle to keep a straight face in 1970 (Daily Mail).
  • Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra can't help themselves as they try to perform with Johnny Carson at a benefit concert in St. Louis, Missouri on June 20, 1965 (Daily Mail).
  • Frank Sinatra performs a tablecloth trick in hotel room while his guests look on (Daily Mail).
  • Frank Sinatra catches a quiet moment in 1960 (Daily Mail).
  • Sinatra, Lawford with his wife Pat, Kennedy's sister, and actor Tony Curtis at the 1960 Democratic National Convention (Daily Mail).
  • Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Joey Bishop clown around on the set of Ocean's Eleven in 1960 (Daily Mail).
  • The boys at the Sands in front of the sign announcing their show (Daily Mail).