GOP Freshmen on budget cuts: ‘There can be no sacred cows’

Freshmen Congressmen Tim Scott, R-SC,  and Adam Kinzinger, R-Il, say they don’t plan to stay in Washington long but while they’re here,  everyone’s going to feel the burn – namely when it comes to budget cuts.

“I think the key we’re going to have to be aggressive,” Kinzinger told Jonathan Karl on ABC News’ ‘Top Line.’ “You know it’s going to hurt everybody…There can be no sacred cows.”

Full Story: GOP Freshmen Get Specific on Budget Cuts: “There Can Be No Sacred Cows” – The Note

  • magedogtag

    i like these guys. tim and adam are both well informed, thoughtful and, most importantly, spending cutters. if i ever got the chance to vote for either one of them (wrong states for me) it would have to be one helluva guy campaigning against them to win my vote.