Military brass do not applaud Obama’s mention of DADT repeal during SOTU

The military brass in attendance didn’t stand, cheer, applaud or even break a smile when President Barack Obama lauded the December repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

Air Force General Norton Schwartz and Marine Corps General James Amos looked like statues after the president played up the congressional repeal of the military policy.

“Our troops come from every corner of this country – they are black, white, Latino, Asian and Native American,” Obama said. “They are Christian and Hindu, Jewish and Muslim. And, yes, we know that some of them are gay. Starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love.”

U.S. Navy Admiral Gary Roughhead, Army General George Casey and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Michael Mullen, who publicly supported repeal of DADT, didn’t give Obama any positive reaction either.

The Joint Chiefs have in the past stood and applauded certain policies during State of the Union addresses.

WATCH: Military brass react to Obama’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal comment in State of the Union speech

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  • mdiavaro99ro

    The military looked quite passive-aggressive indeed. Not sure the DADT is the main reason. 😀

  • IMcasualcat

    The military did not stand or applause anything … like the Supreme Court … they serve the will of the people (at least publicly) and have no politics.

    • mdiavaro99ro

      Do you mean this is how they usually behave?

  • ladylove

    can you blame them

    Obama has not exactly treated them with the respect they are due.

    remember his improptu flight to Germany during the campaign, when Obama found out that he could not use his visit to see wounded soliers, as a campaign booster, because the only photos taking allowed would be by the military, he canceled his visit to see them, and flew to Paris, where his people could film him playing backetball with some soldiers.

    and look how long it took for him to meet with high ranking military personal regarding both Iran and Afghanistan, while he saw Andy Sterns, on almost a daily basis. but then Andy Stern help buy Obama the presidency, our Military, silly them, they were just defending our freedoms.

    as far as I am concerned, they acted properly, with dignity, as they should, they were not there to hoot and cheer, like a PEP squad.

  • kellyeatc

    uh yea.. cuz when im on the frontline getting shot at by the taliban, hearing the bullets whiz by my ear, smelling burnt/spent ammunition all around me, I am VERY concerned about whether the dude behind me is checking out my rear end. Yep, I stop worrying about getting shot and helping my fellow soldiers and become that vain. Really? Give me a break.
    Maybe I do want the gay soldier behind me to be checking out my rear end, it is his job to make sure no one is shooting at it.

    • az-ames

      Actually, Kellyeatc, it’s obvious that you aren’t military and never were. I am not only military, I’m retired military. You have to be able to depend on the person to your right and to your left, as well as know they have your back, no matter what. You can’t be wondering if they are wanting to ask you out. One of the problems our wonderful social engineers in DC never consider. Just like the question of what do you do now onboard ship in the Navy. You already have separate bunking and heads for the females, now you have to have separate showers and heads for the gays. Don’t even consider going to the idea of “why not just have them rack with everyone else…” If so, why don’t you and your friends bunk and shower with the opposite sex? And, why don’t you have your daughter(s) bunk and shower with the opposite sex? I think it’s time for y’all to stop with the fake social engineering, trying to get a square peg to fit into a round hole. If you want to conduct social engineering why don’t you start showering with the opposite sex or bunking with them. Leave the men and women in the military alone and let them do their jobs without forcing your personal beliefs on them. You would be screaming (and probably already are) about chaplains in the military, so what’s the difference between that and forcing military men and women to sleep and shower with those who look upon their same gender as fair game, sexually speaking?

  • voxoraison

    Yeah, I noticed this last night, the great stone faces of the officers. Not amused, apparently.

    I also noticed last night that Michelle’s caboose has metastasized to the point where you can see it even when she’s facing you! (This is in the clip above. Buffalo butt might apply for statehood. But… it wouldn’t be legally able to declare bankruptcy. Cities can; states can’t, eg, the state of Michelle’s butt.)

    And she’s telling America how to eat healthy? Michelle, put down the whatever-on-a-stick at the county fair! Lose a few, okay? When cameras follow you as you walk offstage at some televised function, it’s a national disgrace.

    Are you missing Laura Bush, too? I am.

  • Kurtis D. Davis

    Let’s see—first the military discipline of George Washington was forsaken. Then the morals of Thomas Jefferson were ignored. The wisdom of Eisenhower? Well, that was forgotten too. Not finished yet, the President even mocked the Holy Scripture he swore upon, especially Leviticus 18:22. A lawful treaty which would translate battlefield victory into political gain? Well, the successful military had victory crowned with increased homosexual rights. Maybe now it becomes clear why the “well regulaqted militia” failed to applaud,and we all get screwed while paying for gasoline.

  • Winghunter

    Homosexual Soldiers a Security Risk http://bit.ly/egZ6xl

    Anyone remember they played the same stupid game on us when they forced women into roles they shouldn’t be in?

    This is about destroying our military – and we let them do it!

    • cali

      Roger that!

      I would like to add, it also will cause trouble withing the forntline soldiers; they have no time or patience to worry about someone looking at their behind.

      What’s next? Transgenders (or are they grouped into ‘gay already’), bestiality lovers, NAMBLA Members?

      This can not have a good ending, as we saw with the Wikileaks, instigated by a scorned gay soldier, and his intent to ‘pay back’ the policy!

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