Obama uses ‘green’ emissions standards to push truckers into Teamsters union

President Barack Obama’s administration is using new “environmental standards” to force independent owner-operator truckers into becoming part of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a union that gave more than $2 million to Democrats in the last two election cycles.

By increasing the number of “green” requirements truckers have to comply with in order to get into some major United States ports — like Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland — the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency are helping push previously independent truckers into companies, which then makes them vulnerable to unionization or, in many cases, forced to join a union. As these aren’t administrative laws from the EPA per se, trucks that don’t fit this new “green” standard, which is meeting at least 2007 EPA emissions levels, are still allowed to operate throughout the country. But each of the major port authorities won’t let them in if they don’t fit the new environmental regulations, which would force many independent truckers out of business if they resist since many truckers depend on business from the ports to survive.

Alex Cherin, an attorney who represents a trucker advocacy group opposed to these forced unionization attempts, told The Daily Caller the Teamsters have been trying to get independent truckers classified as employees of a company for years because “under federal labor law, they [the Teamsters] cannot unionize independent contractors.”

“They [the Teamsters] see this as their window of opportunity,” Cherin said in a phone interview. “They know that most drivers want to stay independent contractors to keep their freedom, but that many can’t afford these new ‘green trucks.’ They want to piggyback their agenda onto an environmental initiative.”

Cherin said the Teamsters has been pushing unionization more and more lately, and it has “really heated up with the ‘green trucks’ program.” He said that the air in Southern California is cleaner as a result of the program, but that this is really a unionizing effort disguised in a “green” initiative.

Americans for Limited Government spokesman Rick Manning said this effort is definitely driven by labor unions, especially since the leader of the Teamsters, Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., is pushing it.

Hoffa, Jr., the current president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and son of the infamously “disappeared” union boss Jimmy Hoffa, alluded to his real intent with the program while advocating on behalf of the new “green truck” rules in a Huffington Post blog.

“We want the trucking companies to buy and maintain clean new trucks,” Hoffa, Jr. wrote in March 2010. “We also want them to pay their truck drivers a fair wage and the employment taxes that go with it. The trucking companies would prefer the federal government protect them from those obligations.”

These new “green trucks” cost more than $100,000 and, to meet the “green” requirements, truckers have to join companies and, by extension, the Teamsters union.

  • Texasjack

    attention independent truckers in California join the tea party and show these liberal sons of bitches
    what we think of their socialized trucking

  • Texasjack

    fire hussein obama fire villaraigosa keep indepedents
    tea party for life

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  • Nancy Holloway

    Many people are missing an important point from this issue —
    WHY Teamsters would want to faze out Independents, other than
    the obvious — more dues if they join companies and can be forced
    into the union.
    Think ahead to a time when MOST truckers could be union.
    Then imagine union bosses calling for a nationwide trucking
    strike — when some of their ‘demands’ aren’t being met.
    It’s happened before, it may well happen again one day soon.

    A 3 day strike would seriously impact food supplies in this
    country. Not to mention gasoline deliveries. That won’t happen
    right now, as Independents’ would not honor a call to strike.

    Look at the bigger picture, and it’s all connected.
    Force Independents out through onerous regulations ,
    ie. independents don’t have the ‘backing’ of big $$
    to keep up with continuing regulations, which all cost

    Read up on the TWIC program. That costs $138 for a 3 year
    card, needed to get onto most ports now. Then many ports
    decided , if the Govt. can charge a fee for TWIC, ports
    now are requiring drivers buy THEIR card, to enter their

    I believe it’s all designed to price Independents out of
    the trucking business. Let your mind focus on the future
    possibilities — IF we only have union truckers.

    • lobato1

      Okay I get your drift, “You Hate Unions.”

      But I also hate as a taxpayer to get hit for the $138 bucks of TWIC truckers don’t want to cough-up.

      After our 9/11 tragedy, the world has changed & each & every time I catch a plane, I have to cough-up some 100 bucks for airport security as a “USER” of those airport services & that a taxpayer that travels by car shouldn’t pay for me. Ergo: The trucker using the port’s facilities has to pay those 138 bucks every “THREE” years “IF” he wants to operate in the port.

      Oh yeah, one last though:
      No one is forcing anyone to join the unions as the author of this article falsely states.

      Best Regards

      • lobato1

        Oops Senior moment read:
        “One last Thought”

        & not:
        “One last Though”

        Bummer :-(

        Best Regards

  • Madeleine Tector

    As a retired member of the Teamsters union, we are worried sick. My husband was a graphic artist and belonged to the lithographers Union, when my husband retired we saw a picture of John Kerry in the graphics Arts paper and he was shaking hands with the Teamsters CEO after the transfer /integration of our Union in with the Teamsters, its been several years now and there has not been a problem until now, Mr. Hoffa is on the wrong side, we know he is having problems but hooking up with this kind of policy is wrong and we are going to pay with our pensions. We have been watching all of the Senators talking
    about entitlements , meaning social security, my husband , and me too, paid into this for 35 years and he made good money at his job, , now its an entitlement? if that goes and our pension goes what do we do? Worked all of our lives , raised 8 kids and now we have to worry aobut being able ot feed ourselves? I wanted to buy a two family house to help in case we lost SS but with all the EPA skullduggery going on in Pa. and elsewhere we are afraid to buy one, so we can lose our pnesion and SS and be homeless and not be able ot take are of ourselves even though we could if left to our own devices wihtout having to answer to those thugs the EPA. Sorry but it seems ot me this is a planned thing, soemthing else to get rid of seniors, I’m sick of it, when does all of this end? when do we get Obama out , all he does is engage in illegal activities, lie, and trample on the Constitution, let him go back where he came from, wherever that is. Between him and Bush we are lucky we still have a country at all, and who knows how long that will last, is everyone in on this except us?

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  • kaziklibey

    Unions have evolved from their humble racist thug roots into organizations dedicated to the outright destruction of liberty and justice in the US of A.

  • Drahcir

    How many pet regs are hiding within his EPA? Coal mining to be shut down in West Virginia and now the owner-operator.Cost will go up. The owner-operator helps to keep cost down. The writing of the name Hoffa, even if it is a junior, does not instill trust to that person.