Ron Paul reintroduces ‘Audit the Fed’ legislation

Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, reintroduced his “Audit the Fed” legislation on Wednesday, with 56 cosponsors.

Paul’s office staff told The Daily Caller that though a “watered-down” version of his “Audit the Fed” legislation made it into last summer’s financial reform package from Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, and former Sen. Chris Dodd, Connecticut Democrat, he wants the real deal, not just elements of it. So, he rolled out H.R. 459, “The Audit the Fed Bill,” this week.

In the 111th Congress, Paul won broad bipartisan support for his proposal to audit the Federal Reserve, with 320 cosponsors, before the bill folded in the Dodd-Frank financial reform package. Paul pointed out in a press release that the Federal Reserve hired a full-time lobbyist for the first time in history during the 111th Congress because of unprecedented public pressure.
“I was very pleased that so many of my colleagues were willing to stand up for transparency and accountability in government by cosponsoring HR 1207 in the last Congress,” Paul said. “I am optimistic about our prospects for a full and complete audit in the 112th Congress.”

  • CK4RP

    Ron Paul is the man who represents real HOPE and CHANGE. America needs a statesman, not a politician, to get us out of this mess. If you’re not familiar with his myriad achievements just Google “Ron Paul”. You’ll find he’s not the “crazy fool” thephranc thinks he is.

    The Federal Reserve is bankrupting our country. And they are very nervous. Why should they have anything to hide from the American people? Maybe it’s because they are not federal and there are no reserves. Hmmmmm… AUDIT THE FED!

  • lev

    We need to talk around the clock about the elimination of Agencies we can live better without.

    I am an independent write-in candidate for president. These are my views;

    The pentagon knows which programs are useless and can be done away with. But as soon as they speak up, a congress person with one of the pentagon sub-contractors in their district begins to immediately work against it – under the theory that the people in the district affected would vote him or her out of office, which is mostly conjecture.

    The reason behind F Be Eye tapping every telephone in America is NOT to find terrorists, rather to be able to identify potential government workers as being “their kind of people.” You apply to work for any of these agencies and they listen to every word spoken privately on your home phone, for the last number of years.

    Shredding that anti American Stassi like program, would save at least one hundred million dollars a year. Every time we discover a potential bomb, example, the Times Square bomb, and the recent back pack bomb in Seattle, the discovery was because of sharp eyed citizens, not telephone tapping j. edgar hoover wanna bees. 100 million here and 100 million there and pretty soon you are talking about money.

    The FCC could be eliminated and all disputes could be heard in Federal District Courts. The technical experts on bandwidth could be employed by the Senate and House telecommunications sub-committees. The taxes collected monthly on all the land line phones, internet access, cable TV and cell phones could be applied to libraries and parks operation in the communities where the money is collected.

    There are thousands of dormant oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Why were they drilled? Because there is oil seepage all over the Gulf floor, leading oil people to believe somewhere there is a seam that could be as much oil as in all of Saudi Arabia. BP struck that pay dirt with the well that exploded.

    We should nationalize all the oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico and apply all the profit to our debt. That oil would pay for free medical education, the elimination of all real estate taxes, and cover our defense budget, besides eliminating our national debt. Visit my web site to test drive The Vehicle for World Peace.


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  • MacWell

    Personally, I can’t understand the need for the fed anyway. Why should we the people be held captive by some gang of malcontents who think that they are above us, is this Briton that we need a potentate to make decisions for us?

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  • 3punch4

    YES!! It’s RON PAUL again, beating back the welfare-warfare-inflation GODZILLA if left unchecked will devour and kill the USA.

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  • thephranc

    One of the few things this crazy fool gets right.

    • 3punch4

      Well Duh! ’cause he’s the only sane American leader within a 50 mile radius of Washington DC. They call him a small gov’t civil Libertarian for PEACE and FREE MARKETS. Of course BIG gov’t RINO’s don’t understand any of that.

    • logic

      Crazy fool? As opposed to whom? Who in government is more sane than Ron Paul? Decades of government indoctrination have taught us that fiscal, constitutional conservatives are whackos and radical. I would love to read your rationale for calling him crazy.

      The Fed audit is the perfect example. Ron recognizes that the Fed facilitates our welfare and warfare states. They fund it all with manufactured or borrowed money. The Fed is the culprit that has enabled Congress to bloat government to monumental proportions.

  • barryaz

    If this goes through it will be very interesting. As the saying goes, follow the money….