Joe Biden says Egypt’s Mubarak no dictator, he shouldn’t step down

Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the PBS NewsHour tonight with the most direct US governent comments yet about the gathering Egypt protests against President Hosni Mubarak’s 29-year reign.

Mr. Biden’s comments are unlikely to be well-received by regime opponents, as they fit a narrative of steadfast US support for a government they want to bring down. About eight protesters and one policeman have died this week as Egypt has sought to bring down the heavy hand of the state against opponents. Since the US provides about $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt a year, the repressive apparatus of the state is seen by many in Egypt as hand in glove with the US.

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  • baal

    Biden is an idiot, that’s his job. He is the fool, he distracts criticism from Prince Barry.

  • oeno

    Two things come to mind rather quickly:

    1) Why did they have Biden comment on an on-going situation?

    2) Biden has been wrong about every foreign policy decision for the past generation and I’m not exactly sure I’d trust him now.

    3) Can we get our language straight? Woke up with the wife this morning and “Morning Joe” is tossing around the term “totalitarian” (if only people had written entire books about the subject), another is using the term “autocratic”, but I’m not seeing “dictator”. Some talk about the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s complicated history, but oh wait, we have to go to break…

    • Barkhorn

      Some good observations.

      IMO, I would go with “autocracy” in terms of describing the system and “dictator” in term of describing Mubarak’s position. What else can one call a man who has held power since 1981?

      This situation is case of bad to worse as the ONLY group well prepared to step into a power void after Mubarak flees * is the Muslim Brotherhood and we know how liberal and democratic they are, and how they feel about the good ‘Ole USA.

      So, it could be Iran all over again **with the talking heads pontificating on how America sucks for supporting a dictator all these years until they eventually – too late – realize that the Muslim Brotherhood will hold elections alright; but they will be one man, one vote, one time.

      Past is prologue and another key US ally will turn into an enemy very quickly. Reality does indeed bite.

      *And it looks that way as these types of regimes prove to be pretty fragile when the revolutionary wrecking ball gets rolling.

      ** Obama is pretty much Carter from a foreign policy perspective after all.

      • baal

        I think Obama has a chance to redeem himself after failing to get behind the student in Iran when they revolted. But so far–he’s a wuss. With the right moral voice behind the bullhorn, like Reagan telling Gorbechev to tear down the wall, social upheavals can turn out well. But so far… Obama is tepid and limp, reciting platitudes. I hate to say it, but the die has already been cast, and it may be too late for him to extend America’s hand to the protesters–and by doing so so late in the game, he may have handed the situation over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • mdwsgl

    Biden is arguably demented and should be removed from office due to this incoherent rant. It’s like he was drunk or something.

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  • ladylove

    that’s 1.3 billion dollars more to cut from the budget,

  • JoeJ

    “Biden – Mubarak is no dictator!”

    This is so blatantly untrue, such a barefaced lie – everyone in the world knows that Mubarak is a dictator.

    It’s all for Zionism folks — your government is in the clutches of a foreign political ideology.

    Democrat or Republican – it makes no difference – peace be dammed – Zionism must rule you!

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