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Michele Bachmann & Cameragate: closure at last

Remember when Michele Bachmann gave the Tea Party response to the State of the Union Address? And remember how that big dum-dum was looking in the wrong camera? Er, um, well, actually, no she wasn’t.

Breitbart.tv reports:

So, what was really up with the televised feed of Rep. Bachmann’s State of the Union response?

Our sources tell us that CNN had originally agreed to use the live feed set up by Tea Party Express, which had a teleprompter running on the lens in which Rep. Bachmann was delivering her speech. But, when Rep. Bachmann left the camera set-up and sat in the House chamber to hear Pres. Obama’s speech, CNN set up a camera of their own, just off to the side of the main, tele-prompter/camera. Thus, when CNN provided their network feed it ended up skewed and off-kilter…

Sources now confirm that the pool camera providing the feed for CNN was Fox News. The Fox News pool camera was set up off-kilter from the tele-prompter feed despite the protestations of the Tea Party Express production team…

Here, we present the direct, Tea Party Express feed as was originally broadcast to on-line viewers (including viewers at Breitbart.tv) the night of the speech.

YouTube Preview Image

So she was doing what was planned all along, and some other guys came in and futzed with it. Oh well! I’m sure the people who thought this was a substantive criticism of Bachmann’s speech have actual, you know, substantive criticisms.

LOL! At least SNL got a really funny sketch out of it:

Well, she does kinda look like Bachmann.

Glad that whole camera thing is cleared up. It’s almost like the libs don’t have any other ammo. Er… so to speak!

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  • craigiri

    Yeah, keep entertaining us with the Backmans and Palins…fun, fun, fun.

    Don’t worry – recent polls show that Palin is headed over a cliff. PLEASE PLEASE nominate Backman or Palin…please?

    “What those numbers indicate is that [Palin] would only really be safe in states that Republicans won by at least 20 points in 2008. And there weren’t very many of those. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that a Palin nomination would be Goldwater redux for the GOP.”

    Ah, I small a landslide….

    • Jim Treacher

      Palin? Okay, go ahead and talk about Palin if you want.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mia-Battersby/100000641280159 Mia Battersby

    factcheck.org – another name for BO & Klan – after all, he worked for Annenburg and they are funded by Soros. anyone using that site for ANYTHING truth related needs a sharp slap upside the head to get it in alignment again. or jump start it.

    Ryan has a VERY strong grip on the reality of the costs involved in BOcare. CBO and the Medicare actuary made it CRYSTAL clear: BO lied about everything in regards to it. It will NOT reduce the deficit and only makes everything MUCH higher in cost and they ‘hid’ the true amount on that as well. Don’t just pick and choose your facts peeps. Just choose facts.

    And the whole ‘cameragate’ is beyond stupid. ANYONE looking for half a second could realize that she was ONLY addressing ONE camera. CNN just wanted to cover it. She was being fed via live stream online. Thats all that mattered.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-E-Williams/100000295974975 John E. Williams

    I like that John Quincy Adams ended slavery. I did not know that!

    • Jim Treacher
      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-E-Williams/100000295974975 John E. Williams

        Why, she’s the smartest lady ever!

        • Jim Treacher

          And your fey sarcasm is as persuasive as ever.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-E-Williams/100000295974975 John E. Williams

            Fine, she’s NOT the smartest lady ever. Sheesh, make up your mind.

          • Jim Treacher

            As usual, you’re having a conversation with yourself and struggling to keep up.

  • oeno



    Wow! That took a second and I don’t even have your outstanding cable company. :)

    • Jim Treacher

      Don’t tell me, tell the people who thought Bachmann “looking in the wrong camera” was the story of the week.

      • oeno

        I know you were out of commission, or was it Really Not Committed?

        I woke up the next morning all ready to do some SOTU and Republican response.

        I quit reading both after about 10 minutes. I broke down and watched Bachmann.

        She’s never quite normal, but something seemed off. 5 minutes searching told me that she had a pool camera that she either wasn’t aware of or didn’t realize was going to be the one everyone used.

        Trashing Bachmann would be better time served than doing 5-7 minute segments with several foreign policy people trying to explain what is going on in Egypt, let alone giving any sort of background.

        My favorite line is always, “30 seconds…”. Yep. Get in the whole peace accord, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. in that time.

        • Jim Treacher


          • oeno

            Hey. You like Bachmann. More power to you. She’s a twit.

            Comedians had some fun with it. Aside from that I skipped the White Noise Networks for the most part because of Egypt.

            Tweety is trying to get traction from an interview that is over two years old.

            I think you’d be better off giving us some news about GOP women like Nikki Haley.

            Oh look. 2 minutes and I found an article: http://www.politicsdaily.com/2011/01/19/nikki-haley-government-never-intended-to-be-all-things-to-all/

            I might even have to watch her first State of the State. Given Republican governors lately it may be her last one.

          • Jim Treacher

            I don’t know what any of this has to do with anything I’ve said, but I’m intrigued. Then what happened?

          • des1

            “Hey. You like Bachmann. More power to you. She’s a twit.”

            Really? Shall we compare her competence to 20 Democrats I select? Would you care to take that bet?

            As for that “twit” comment….“She graduated from Winona State University and later received her J.D. degree from Oral Roberts University and an LL.M. degree in tax law from the William & Mary Law School.[8][dead link] She was a member of the final graduating class of Oral Roberts’ law school, and was part of a group of faculty, staff, and students who moved the ORU law school to what is now Regent University. From 1988 to 1993, Bachmann was a U.S. Treasury Department attorney in the US Federal Tax Court located in St. Paul.”

            She also helped to care for 23 foster children. What exactly have you done with your life other than blog your overblown opinion of yourself?

          • thephranc

            Des he has read books so he is super duper smart or something.

        • SargeH

          Oeno: Did she turn you down for the junior prom? You’re so bitter.

    • sawdustking

      Not sure what your comment had to do with camaragate, but I did skim through your link, and I have to say you’re tarnishing Factcheck.org by linking such a weak post. Perhaps they feel the need to nitpick the GOP so as to keep up the appearance of being a neutral party. For instance Rep. Ryan said the size of the government has never been higher so they pull out the fact that in WWII the government took up a larger percentage of GDP but Ryan never said that it was a larger percentage of GDP so unless they can show that in 1944 the federal government employed more people and spent more dollars than they do now the statement is still factual.

      And then there was this:
      ‘Also, Ryan said the stimulus “failed to deliver on its promise to create jobs.” As we wrote during the midterm elections, it’s just wrong to say that the stimulus didn’t create jobs.’

      Sure the stimulus created a few jobs but for every job it created it destroyed four. Consider that the White House claims that they “created or saved” 3.5 million jobs (counting the ones from congressional districts that don’t exist). But at the cost of $787B plus interest (or about $862B not counting compounded interest to be paid later). So according to the White House they spent $240,000+ per job “saved or created” yet on average the private sector creates jobs at about $60,000 per job. So where did the money the federal government borrowed come from? The private sector. Since you can’t lend a dollar to the federal government AND (for instance) buy corporate bonds with the same dollar, each and every job “saved or created” came at the cost of (at least) 4 private sector jobs “lost or not created”. And Ryan didn’t even say it didn’t create jobs he said it failed on it’s “promise to create jobs” so even if it had created a net increase in jobs but failed to live up to the number of jobs promised it would have still been a factual statement.

      I guess I’ll take everything from Factcheck.org with a grain of salt from now on. Thanks.