Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan, NBC’s David Gregory give tour of Reagan library

To celebrate the former president’s 100th birthday, Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan and NBC’s David Gregory gave an exclusive, must-watch tour of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.”

Noonan, the author of the landmark speech Reagan gave after the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion, shows Gregory the original copy of the president’s address, along with such important historical artifacts like the coat Reagan wore when he was shot and the debate microphone he so famously paid for. TheDC presents the entire tour, via NBC News.


  • esby

    I really have no idea why Reagan is even considered a conservative icon at all. He certainly was one of the best politicians (able to say things and have people believe it while doing the opposite). But he wasn’t socially conservative (putting up Nancy’s interior decorator and his gay lover at the White House, something Obama would be skewered if he did today) nor fiscally conservative (running huge deficits and vastly increasing the national debt), nor a tax conservative (raising taxes, especially social security taxes in 1983), nor anti amnesty for illegal immigrants (he gave amnesty to anyone who entered the country before 1982), nor a military might President (his goal was to reduce all nuclear arms, he cut and run in Lebanon after the massacre of 241 Marines). He did have a great speechwriter. But then again, Noonan’s the one who benefits most for Reagan being that icon.

    In the end, George H.W. Bush was right about “voodoo economics,” ended up paying for Reagan’s irresponsible tax politices, and wound up being the fall guy.

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  • Liberty for All

    This turncoat deserves banishment from such hallowed ground! The DC should never mention her name again! She embodies the best argument for Coulter’s call to repeal the 19th amendment. (Sorry Annie, CLW, and LL)

    BTW, do you think we can get Ron Jr. de-citizenized, as well?