Bristol Palin to release memoir this summer

“Dancing With the Stars” finalist Bristol Palin will release a memoir this summer, Political Wire reports.

Laura Miceli of HarperCollins confirmed to The Daily Caller that the company will in fact be publishing Palin’s memoir.

“Yes, it looks like we are [publishing the book],” Miceli told TheDC, adding that it is scheduled to hit bookstores on June 21.

Palin’s book, which is set to be released in hardcover, currently holds the name, “Untitled Bristol Palin Memoir” on Amazon.com.

Bristol is following in the footsteps of her mother, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has penned two memoirs.

This news comes just days after Politics Daily reported that Sarah and Bristol Palin filed applications to trademark their names.

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  • savage24

    This isn’t just bad advice, it’s stupidity compounded by idiocy.

  • I_Walk_Alone

    Bristol is far more qualified for a Playboy centerfold 😉

  • notalone

    I think we already know the story and I am sure it will contain lots of whining and how unfair the world is to her. Think I will pass on this one.

    • glassmaker

      What’s more predictable? That Bristol would release a book? or that you people with Palinphobia would be here whining about it?

      • loudog

        …or that you’d be here to complain about opinions you disagree with?

        • glassmaker

          .or that you would be able to grasp the point.

  • borntoraisehogs

    Who knew being knocked up and stupid was a career. Well her mom did I guess.

  • flips

    If they want to sell some books, maybe the title should be,
    “Bare-Backing Hockey Studs in Conservative Paradise.”

  • loudog

    “Wasilla High School, A Memoir”


  • SargeH

    She hasn’t seen enough of a life to have some ghost writer tell her “life story” yet. It’s getting harder all the time to take the Palins seriously.

  • NeoKong

    Is she even 21 yet….?

    • wodiej

      What difference does it make if she has a story to tell? And I surmise she does.

      • pink

        “What difference does it make if she has a story to tell?”


    • mapletree

      Who is giving her this bad advice. She’s barely old enough to legally buy alcohol and she’s writing a memoir. Sounds ridiculous to me.