Civility advocates bash the late Ronald Reagan on his birthday

Pres. Ronald Reagan’s birthday did not go unremarked upon by civility advocates* on the Left.

“Happy birthday in hell, Ronald Reagan,” tweeted Salon’s Mary Beth Williams, who recently slammed the Palin family as well.

February 6 marked what would have been Reagan’s 100th birthday, and many left-wing writers took to Twitter to bash the late Commander-in-Chief as others celebrated his presidential accomplishments.

“Reagan at 100. He loved America. He loved the rich more. He killed the middle class. Never forget.,” tweeted “Fahrenheit 9/11″ film director Michael Moore.

Emerging New York City comedian Joe Mande also took to Twitter to poke fun at Reagan, “Happy birthday to Ronald Reagan’s dumb corpse.”

Daily Kos writer Scott Wooledge tweeted of Reagan, “More gay people DIED under #Reagan than any other President. Is that why#GOP loves and revers him so? #LGBT#tcot #p2 #HIV #AIDS.” Wooledge also published a blog entry titled, “Screw Reagan.”

Sirius XM host Mike Signorile published peculiar tweets about Reagan’s death certificate, seemingly mocking those that question President Barack Obama’s birthplace.

“Has anyone ever seen Reagan’s birth certificate? How do we know he’s 100?” Signorile tweeted. He later added, “And while we’re at it, I want to see the death certificate too. #Reagan.”

Comedian Chet Wild took shots against Reaganomics via Twitter, “Today marked Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. I celebrated by doing my impression of Reaganomics, ie: not working. #ronaldreagan #reaganomics.”

Though not a famous figure by any means, one Twitter user published a rather scathing tweet about the former president, “#Reagan would do what any red blooded Hypocrite would do … Support#Mubarak.”

*Update: Daily Kos blogger Scott Wooledge has reached out to The Daily Caller and contests being considered a “civility advocate.” “I’ve never considered myself a ‘Civility Advocate,'” Wooledge wrote in an email to TheDC. “I’m much more aligned with Alan Grayson school of ‘if conservatives can talk trash, why can’t we?’ I’ve never advocated or endorsed violence, however, and am quick to condemn such talk. But a clear-eyed assesement that Reagan sat on his hands while tens of thousands of Americans died? That isn’t incivil at all, in my opinion. That’s a clear and incontrovertible, if now, inconvenient fact.”

  • smee

    What part of more gay people died under Reagan than any other President is untrue? How is that bashing? Or do you just find that particular truth uncomfortable? The “Great Communicator” managed to communicate everything we needed to know by refusing to even utter the word AIDS for so long.

  • pauliji

    People seem all too willing to canonize Reagan, while conveniently forgetting that he sat idle for years, while AIDS killed tens of thousands of Americans. His friends, like Billy Graham, joked about how it was “killing all the right people”. I will never forget the rage and horror I felt at his callous and dismissive administration of the nation’s worst health crisis.
    There are so many other acts he perpetrated….
    Breaking the unions.
    Defining environmentalists as “selfish people who want to destroy your way of life,” and thereby crippling our ability to respond to our emerging understanding of ecological limits.
    The “welfare queen” scam.
    Decimating the EPA, and destroying the effectiveness of the federal agencies charged with keeping us safe (from tainted meat, for example, when he fired most of the meat inspectors.).
    The illegal war on Nicaragua.
    Cutting taxes for his rich supporters and destroying the middle class.
    Enabling legions of monsters like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Abrams, Perle, Wolfowitz, etc.
    Destroying our faith in government as our collective effort to support the common good.
    Bankrupting the country (purposefully, so he could have an excuse to cut social programs, according to his Budget Director).
    The original October Surprise, when he sold out our hostages in Iran to hurt Carter & get himself elected.
    Iran-Contra, where he formed a secret illegal government to continue his illegal war.
    Glorifying greed and ridiculing altruism, so effectively that Americans are still afraid to stand up for their own greater interests.
    There’s so much, and so much more. I could go on & on, as could you, most likely.

    What a major villan & asshole!!!!

  • scarlett156

    As these useless tools spew their resentment and bitterness, people in other countries die messily simply for criticizing their own governments. It’s no surprise, therefore, that so many up-and-coming totalitarian regimes (for example, radical Islam) feel so comfortable in their contempt for the average American.

    What do these–I can’t even call them “critics”, it’s more like an incoherent mob–what do they believe will happen to them if their beloved totalitarian regimes do succeed in taking over…? How can they imagine that they would A) be allowed to keep their wretched lives and B) be allowed to continue with their open hatred of those exceptional movers-and-shakers of humanity they currently feel so safe in displaying?

    It’s of some slight comfort to realize that nearly the same mindset prevailed in the attitude of many Americans toward the aggressive thugs of Germany and the brutal imperialists of Japan in the 1930s and 40s–and we still whooped their butts anyway. *knocks on wood*

    As a youth in the 1970s and 1980s, I’m sorry to say that I criticized/made fun of President Reagan like the people around me did. Now I realize that at the time, as I worked for the City government where I lived, I was surrounded by Democrats and leftists who fervently hated the right and sought to bring everything that was good about America down. I saw people promoted to high-paying jobs who could not read or write–I mean even a little. Memos from supervisors typically contained at least several glaring (and sometimes hilarious) typos in every line. Those who hated Reagan also believed wholeheartedly, and participated, in this curious system of reward without merit and punishment without clear cause. Without understanding why they hated Reagan so much, I parroted their insults just to get along. (Because as hard as I worked, I was never quite certain that it was my work and skill alone that were keeping me employed in that place.)

    Anyhow: At the very least these individuals could find a more constructive outlet for their hatred–how come they can’t channel some of their outrage into helping those victimized by totalitarian regimes? or at least into helping the poor and unfortunate in their own communities? (Or at the very least, if they like the totalitarian regimes so much and wish so strongly to support them, why can’t they, you know, stop flapping their mouths and JOIN those regimes? Palestine can always use the cannon fodder… )

    • russ311

      Cheers to you for your candor, honesty and common sense.

  • wodiej

    Hope no one is surprised by this ignorance. Liberals all hate 24/7.