Obama pledges more help for business, but says companies must create jobs at home and not abroad

While Obama mentioned his review of regulations to ensure they help the private sector and do not hinder it, he continued to insist that regulation is a worthy endeavor.

“America’s businesses have a responsibility to recognize that there are some basic safeguards, some basic standards that are necessary to protect the American people from harm or exploitation. Not every regulation is bad. Not every regulation is burdensome on businesses,” Obama said.

Obama quoted a past American Bar Association president as having denounced child labor laws as “a communistic effort to nationalize children.” The audience laughed softly.

But Boehner referenced what has now become a regular GOP talking point regarding the executive order on regulations that Obama signed last month: it exempts the health care and financial regulation bills, and also gives agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency discretion to determine on their own whether a regulation is appropriate or not.

“Far from changing tack, his administration is taking steps to protect the job-crushing regulations in its health care and permanent bailout laws, while plotting a backdoor national energy tax,” Boehner said.

Obama invited input from private sector leaders, saying that “if there is a reason you don’t share my confidence, if there is a reason you don’t believe that this is the time to get off the sidelines — to hire and invest — I want to know about it, I want to fix it.”

He is set to get an earful. Earlier in the day, Republicans on Capitol Hill released 2,000 pages of letters from businesses detailing all the ways they believe the administration’s regulatory regime is inhibiting growth.

Obama ended with an anecdote about a former president’s attempt to mend fences with the business community: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who after years of Depression and his New Deal policies had developed a “fractured” relationship with business.

The president said that the U.S. recovered as Roosevelt and the private sector partnered, though much of the demand that drove that growth was the result of the country’s needs as World War II began.

Obama said the same could happen now.

“We know what to do. We know how to succeed. We are Americans,” he said.

Republicans such as Rep. Tom Price, Georgia Republican and chairman of the House GOP Policy Committee, said that the president should demonstrate with his actions that he means what he says.

“If President Obama were dedicated to making America ‘the best place on earth to do business,’ he would begin by acknowledging the failures of his policies, the dangers they pose to economic growth, and by all means, not reinvent them under a new slogan,” Price said.

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  • Whit

    Having waded through all of these comments I see much dissatisfaction with the way Obama is conducting business and some good suggestions. I want to point out that there is a fwd floating around the internet comparing Nagasaki and Hiroshima to Detroit. Detroit has been under the thumb of the Union, whom Obama seems to favor as well as Reid and Pelosi and they are following the course that has brought Detroit to it current state of prosperity. I haven’t done so but I suppose you can Google Hiroshima and Nagasaki, both of which are thriving today and were the target for the two bombs we dropped. I was on Biak, N.E.I. at the time and we had the backup landing strip for the Enola Gay. Those cities were devastated but today they prosper while Detroit is crumbling. Research how the unions have “helped” the working man and how we have prospered in the most intense union enclaves.
    http://www.library.gsu.edu/dlib/iam/list.asp This link will take you to and archive of the files starting about 1889 and consists of their published journals with links to other GSU labor union archives. I would recommend paying very close attention to the language and see if this movement was exclusive or inclusive. The Union is a monopoly so how can the members be free? There are many questions here that will only come to light with deep study.

  • recovered dem

    Less than 24 hours after Obama promised to break down “barriers that stand in the way of your success” while calling on the business community to hire more Americans and invest their stockpile of cash to putting people in the U.S. back to work,” Obama is proposing broader unemployment taxes on businesses. Obama wants to raise the amount of wages on which companies must pay unemployment taxes to $15,000, more than double the $7,000 in place since 1983.
    The moron wants to increase the cost to hire each individual American with a tax on each American hired.

    Obama is disincentivizing businesses from hiring by his plan to increase payroll taxes. Obama has been and continues to be anti-business and his proposal will hurt hurt American looking for work.

  • spike1120

    When business doesn’t rush to employ people and the 9% unemployment remains a fact, bo will once again demonize big and small biz as anti-American entities which need overhauling.

    Remember bo needs 8 percent for re-election.

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  • truebearing

    Little Red Lying Hood and the Chamber of Hardworking Woodsmen

    Red Lying Hood said, “Sure, I’ve tricked you in the past, but you can trust me now. I have a new disguise”.

    The wary woodsmen said: “My what big teeth you have, Grandbama”.

    Then Red Lying Hood said, “All the better to take a bite out of your freedom, I mean excessive regulations with”.

    And the weary woodsmen said, “My, what a creepy, inappropriate smile you have, Grandbama.”

    To which Red Lying Hood replied, “All the better to show you I feel your pain”.

    And the worried woodsmen observed, “My what huge ears you have, Grandbama”.

    To which Red Lying Hood said, “All the better to detect anyone who opposes my “help”.

    Then the true hearted woodsmen spoke, “My what huge lies you tell, Grandbama”.

    Which caused Red Lying Hood to pause, his eyes flickering with anger, as he searched for a response on his teleprompter, “It’s not lying if the end is justified by the means”.

    Then all of the woodsmen in the Chamber quickly sharpened their axes and sent their money to those who won’t ban them from chopping trees down for construction and the like, and Red Lying Hood failed in his duplicitous, pathetically dishonest quest to ruin the lives of the free woodsmen.

  • truebearing

    Obama has no shame or integrity. Now he is trapped by his well documented past. He did destructive things to the economy based on his ideology, not the good of the country, and now is trying to appear to have changed, to admit his policies failed, and that he wants to help business thrive. His admission is false, however, and he will only pretend to have changed until the next election is over. If he wins again he’ll destroy what is left of free enterprise.

    • 1TrueOne55

      He is not “trapped” when he is the one with the power to get out of the dilemma. No he is not trapped, this is what he wanted and now he is getting his one term to do what FDR took 4 terms to do, but FDR was not out to destroy the Country like Obama has shared in his book “dreams from my father”.

      He is a communist by birth and rearing. And he is a Communist by policy.

  • fivebyfive

    Take from the prosperous give to the UNIONS

    787 billion for WHAT

  • greenrotgut

    He has done nothing but increase the cost of employing someone and he expects jobs. This is not an insane man either. What type of economics are they teaching at Harvard….