Potential 2012 presidential candidate Gary Johnson to speak at CPAC

After initially being denied his request to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson will be speaking at the event later this week.

Johnson is now scheduled to appear on Washington, D.C. conference this Friday at 9:30 a.m. Johnson had previously been told there was no room for him to be added to the speaking schedule.

The announcement comes just a day after Politico reported Johnson had been “shut out” of CPAC, presumably because of his liberal stances on gay rights and marijuana legalization.

“Gary Johnson certainly meets all the criteria of a true fiscal conservative,”  said Ron Nielson, a longtime consultant for Johnson. “As Governor of New Mexico, he eliminated the State’s budget deficit and cut the rate of growth in state government in half. Additionally, for the past several months, he has continued to emphasize the danger of our federal debt, and how it poses the greatest single threat to our national security.”

Johnson will also be the keynote speaker for the Republican Liberty Caucus on Saturday, February 12.

  • talibangelical

    Will he be at the Roy Cohn CPAC Breitbart Homocon?

    I love these family values, conservative parties. Is Breitbart still a right wing hero? Or is there still room under the bus where O’Donnell and Brown have been thrown.

    I love this!

  • 24AheadDotCom

    If you oppose Johnson (as most anyone who isn’t a libertarian should), here’s a discussion of his weakest position and why he’s wrong:


    If someone could quiz him about that on video for Youtube at CPAC it’d be great.

    • krjohnson

      You know, I checked out your little blog post, specifically one of the links entitled “When illegal aliens are fired, Americans rush in to take the jobs” (the point of which is quite stupid, of course people are going to go look for a job at a well publicized place to get a job!) and I found something that I think underscores your general lack of understanding regarding labor economics.

      You say: “the simple fact is that jobs are at any point in time a limited resource.”

      Nothing. could be further. from the truth. Labor is a limited resource, jobs are not.

      Now I know what you’re going to say, “why is there a 10% unemployment rate then, if jobs are unlimited?” And the answer is government. Government creates these bubbles by manipulating the money supply and they pass laws that make it illegal to hire anyone who can’t produce a certain dollar amount of goods or services per hour, and they pay people to stay unemployed. Normally unemployment should be 2-4%, just from turnover and such, but the problem is that we get these bubbles the government creates and a whole bunch of businesses fail at once, and then of course it takes a while to repair the economy. And all the while the government is manipulating the money supply which will lead to the next crash.

      You know the Soviet Union had full employment. Everyone had a job, all the time. But they couldn’t buy anything. Because none of the jobs produced anything. You see, the key isn’t having jobs, the key is having production. If there was less unskilled labor in our country the price for tomato pickers, or whatever these people do, would go up. Some of the unskilled labor would then either be done by machines (at a higher price than the original unskilled laborers) or just simply not done at all. Would that help us any? No, we’d produce less and be able to buy less with our money, even if we had higher salaries.

      I don’t know what you’ve got against governor Johnson, seems like you always post your little blog up here whenever he’s on the DC, but he has a much more firm grasp of economics than you do. I would recommend studying up on it. Specifically Thomas Sowell’s books are great. You might even want to check out his book “Applied Economics,” and the chapter in that book entitled “The Economics of Immigration.”

  • sbrearcliffe

    Another reason why conservatives should ignore and avoid “C”PAC. If CPAC wants to be lefty or libertarian, let it. But — like the YMCA — remove what is apparently a vestigial “C”

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  • krjohnson

    “liberal stances on gay rights and marijuana legalization”?

    More like a libertarian stance. I know, it’s a subtle difference.

    Glad he’s going to be allowed to speak.