Appropriations Committee chairman: GOP will stick to $100 billion in cuts

House Republicans have abandoned their plan to introduce a budget that cuts $74 billion from President Obama’s proposed spending levels and have instructed the Appropriations Committee to find a full $100 billion in cuts, committee Chairman Hal Rogers announced Thursday.

Republican leaders took a wave of criticism for announcing last month that their budget proposal for the next fiscal year would not reach the $100 billion level outlined in their “Pledge to America” last year. Bowing to pressure from conservatives in the caucus and an outcry from many Tea Party-backed freshman, they will unveil $100 billion in cuts after all.

“After meeting with my subcommittee Chairs, we have determined that the CR can and will reach a total of $100 billion in cuts compared to the President’s request immediately – fully meeting the goal outlined in the Republican ‘Pledge to America’ in one fell swoop,” said Rogers in a statement. “Our intent is to make deep but manageable cuts in nearly every area of government, leaving no stone unturned and allowing no agency or program to be held sacred. I have instructed my committee to include these deeper cuts, and we are continuing to work to complete this critical legislation.”

House freshman and members of the conservative Republican Study Committee led a heated discussion during a party conference meeting Wednesday morning, demanding Republican leaders find a way to follow through on the promise to cut $100 billion, a GOP aide familiar with the issue told The Daily Caller.

Republican leaders responded by sending the $74 billion proposal back to the Appropriations Committee and told them to find a way to make the necessary cuts.

“They did that at the behest of leadership,” the aide said.

In a press conference Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner said he is working with “members and our committee chairmen to make sure that this cut is as big as possible.”

“You’re going to see more spending cuts come out of this Congress than in any Congress in the history of this country,” Boehner added.

The Republican proposal will set the stage for a fight in Congress over the next few weeks as they work to find an agreement on federal spending levels before funding runs out on March 4.

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  • Swen

    Gaa!! Okay, one more time..

    The “Pledge to America”, is total malarkey. Get past the pretty pictures and platitudes, all the way back to page 21, and you find that Boehner and the Republican establishment promised to “put common-sense limits on the growth of government”. Now we know that to establishment Republicans “common sense” is reducing the 2011 deficit from $1.5 trillion to $1.4 trillion. We’ll still go broke, but ever so slightly slower than we would with Democrats in charge. All they’re pledging is to be a tiny bit less awful than the Democrats.

    If we let them get away with this our grandchildren will be wondering what the hell we were thinking letting these clowns run the country.

  • Taters N Beans

    Good ole Hal has been bringing home the bacon to Somerset, KY for many years and he won’t stop now. He’ll bend little Randy over his knee and give him a spanking then send him home without dinner. He directed millions of homeland security money to his hometown Somerset, KY which has to be one of the least likely places for terrorism.

  • SCGirl

    Ya know, when I had to stop working, it reduced our family income by 30%. Guess what, we survived without imploding. We had 30% less money to spend and removed all the little luxuries that really weren’t required. Some we kept as special treats such as the occasional dinner out or a movie. Some, like satellite TV, were completely removed. We really didn’t need 500 channels and the 75 or so available on our local cable service met our real needs. If we couldn’t decide to remove something, we just spent 30% less money on it. It really is that simple.

    When I worked in medical research (funded completely by federal and state monies) and the funding was slashed by almost 50% in the mid 70’s…guess what. The state didn’t pick and choose what programs were essential. They just informed all the departments and agencies they were getting 50% less money and let them decide how to use the dollars available.

    Bottom line for the Federal Government. If you like all the programs and the entitlements. Slash the budget for all of them and keep them all. It is called rationing — an ugly word. But, if you haven’t grown a pair yet and can’t decide what is essential and what is not then this is your only option. It happens in US households every moment of every day. We can’t keep slashing our daily lives because you think we have to fund the dream of every person who expects you to support their lives. I didn’t work myself ragged just to pay my neighbor’s bills and skip payment on my own.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rhys-Williams-Jr/515738605 Rhys Williams Jr

    They’re only cutting from Obama’s proposed spending budget? What a jip. I thought they were cutting from the real budget.

    What stops Obama from just raising his budget another 100 billion to offset the “cuts”?

  • kingfish

    The cuts should be in the TRILLIONS. They need to plan now to reach those figures. BRAVO for the freshmen, and good riddance to those stepping aside…more of them need to do the same.