Hint, hint! Romney talks of 2012 run in CPAC speech railing on Obama

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney moved even closer to committing to run for president in 2012 during his Conservative Political Action Conference speech on Friday morning, but still spoke in hypothetical language.

“If I were to decide to run for president,” Romney said, “it sure wouldn’t take me two years to wake up to what’s going on around the country.”

Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, who introduced him to CPAC’s crowd, said she’d like her husband to be president.

“I, for one, would like to see him lead the country as president of the United States,” Ann Romney said.

Romney ripped every policy that has come out of President Barack Obama’s administration. He started off by saying Obama has a serious lack of direction when it comes to foreign policy.

“It is my sincere hope that, somewhere in the near future, this president will finally be able to construct a foreign policy,” Romney said. “Any foreign policy. That would be change.”

He said Obama’s recent attempts to “move to the middle” aren’t showing he’s a new man or a new president. Romney said he replaced Rahm Emanuel and Saul Alinsky, both Chicago politicians, with Bill Daley, another Chicago politician.

Romney attacked Obama’s economic policies and said the president should stop looking to failed European socialist and big government models for ways to fix unemployment problems. He said Obama should have had more to say than, “It could be worse.”

“What’s next? Let them eat cake?” Romney said. “Excuse me, let them eat organic cake?”

Romney said Obama should have focused on the economy first, before he went through with Obamacare and agenda items. Romney also said he wouldn’t need to ask Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner how to create jobs and stimulate the economy, because he already knows how to do so.

Romney compared this upcoming election to President Ronald Reagan’s defeat of President Jimmy Carter by using the “Carter misery index,” saying the 2012 election calls for an “Obama misery index.”

“It’s going to take a lot more than new rhetoric to put Americans back to work,” Romney said. “It’s going to take a new president.”

  • jmk1502

    It’s funny. Romney didn’t seem to mention the nefarious, hated “Obamacare”. Now, that wouldn’t be because Romney spearheaded very similar legislation as Gov. of Mass, would it be? Romney is the one guy who might have a shot at beating Obama, but after his GOP competition is done hammering him about healthcare in the primaries, it will be unlikely he gets the nod. Hopefully the GOP will be crazed and deluded enough to think someone like Palin or Bachmann is a viable candidate. Or the philanderer Gingrich. Or the rabid far-right wing John Bolton. Chances are good that Obama will get 4 more years to continue cleanup after the train wreck of George Dumbya Bush.

  • robb32

    hint hint hint!! I WOULDN’T VOTE FOR Romneycare if he was the only thing the old school repubes could dredge out of the cesspool. I will write in Rick Perry-Ron Paul and the repubes will lose…again. Listen up now pubes!

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  • teapartypatriot

    (speaks like jimmy “the peanut” carter) barbour, (who dat?) huntsman, (the mustache) bolton, (a bush!!!!) jeb bush, (mr. ethanol) gingrich, (dumber than even babs boxer) santorum, (the hair) trump, (“I pardon rapists and murderers so they can rape and murder again”) huckabee, (romneycare) romney, (ignore social issues) daniels, (not again!) ron paul…..

    Name a bunch of “to be” losers who have less chance of winning the presidency than my pet hamster, “little obozo”. Each of these clowns is unlikely to get more votes for president than the candidate from the “Rent is too **** high” party. Of course, that doesn’t mean one of them won’t be nominated by the “Republicans” – if they can nominate a RINO TRAITOR like NO-CHARACTER AMNESTY-JOHN mccain there is clearly NOTHING or NOBODY that they wouldn’t nominate – so my “little obozo” has a chance !

    • leilani

      Ah yes.

      Conspicuous in its absence from your litany of nasty aspersions cast against the allied Republican opposition to Obama – & simultaneously seeking to undercut the persuasiveness of all their arguments before the public against his socialist agenda – is the name of Sarah Palin.

      And you guys wonder why she’s gotten the reputation of being compulsively divisive and more concerned about stoking her own ego than defending this country from the socialists?

      It’s absolutely an undeserved reputation (Sarah’s not the one trying to discredit the rest of the defensive line trying to protect us from the ruinous agenda of the Democratic President, her seriously misguided self-defeating devotees are) but at a certain point she’s going to have to publicly repudiate all of her obnoxiously nasty fans who are evidently hell-bent on playing right into the hands of the divide and conquer democrats by denigrating all Republicans except their Sainted Sarah, or the rest of us will have to assume the rap on her is fully deserved.

  • RinoHunter

    The MSM hasn’t decided if they want Romney to be Obama’s opponent yet. As soon as they are convinced (and most already are) that he can’t beat Obama, he will be the MSM choice for the Republican nominee. They did the same thing to McCain. He was the media darling up until he made the party acceptance speech.

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  • Jeugenen

    The CPAC NeoCons’ strategy of insidiously infiltrating the Tea Party movement, by politically exploiting conservative patriots, such a Palin, is failing because perceptive leading conservatives such a Ron Paul, Patrick Buchanan, Michelle Bachmann and many others know who they are and know their political strategies and tactics. Abraham Foxman, Ben-Ami, Simon Greer, Robert Satloff – notorious lobbyists of the Israel Lobby, the National Jewish Democratic Council, AIPAC and their Neo-Marxist propagandists in the news media – are guilty of high treason. They notoriously serve the aid extorting and warmongering Israeli People, to the extreme detriment of the Americans, British, Europeans, and Arabs. This pernicious warmongering cabal played a leading role in instigating the catastrophically destructive illegal Iraq War, which caused the deaths of many thousands of patriots – Americans, British, Europeans, and Iraqi citizens.

    • leilani

      How many times are you going to post that cut & paste claptrap here?

      You already posted the same thing verbatim here last week,(I know because I responded to it) and I saw where you pasted it yesterday at US News (http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2011/02/10/2012-contenders-energize-conservatives-at-cpac).

      Do you not get paid enough to write something original & tailored to different threads on all these disparate web sites which might help disguise the fact that you’re spamming?

      Maybe you should ask the people you work for for a raise so you can mix up the text a little & retain at least a smidgen of a chance of convincing some gullible person somewhere that Da Joooooooz are launching their mission to destroy the world from their hidden lair at CPAC.

    • noonespetgoat

      I would not describe M Bachmann as a “perceptive leading conservative.” If she is anything she is a useful idiot of the neo-cons in the ongoing attempt to co-opt the Tea Party from staying an effective leaderless voice that has many on notice.
      From her website: We have an obligation to future generations of Americans to ensure our country keeps terrorism off U.S. soil. I will continue to support efforts to strengthen our national defense and support our uniformed men and women who are committed to protecting America.

      Also there’s this:

      This is not something you would find on Ron Paul’s website. So please don’t put her in any category in which you include Ron Paul. She is a neo-con that is more sinister than the Liebermans and Grahams of the world, she’s trying to hide in her Tea Party Caucus and wrapping herself in the Constitution.
      If you need a recent example of Mrs Bachmann support of the police-security state, look no further that her vote to extend expiring provisions of the PATRIOT Act last week. Yeah, she loves the Constitution alright.