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Mika Brzezinski takes Niall Ferguson to SCHOOL

The subject: Egypt. The verdict: Mika wins again!

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Dang. Just goes to show: You do not mess with Mika. That guy got his butt whooped so bad, I’ll bet he never shows his face on that set again. Buh-bye, loser!

(Clip courtesy of The Blaze.)

  • hahaharkin

    An interesting part of this segment was the silence of Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart. The gutless little jerk, an Obama apologist, watched what was happening when Mika opened her mouth and was smart enough to know he was no match for Ferguson. He clearly was too afraid to challenge the professor’s factual and coherent argument. As usual, Capehart waited until Ferguson was dismissed, then made his mocking comments. As to Mika, she reminds me of a boozed-up trophy wife slobbering over guests at a swanky cocktail party. I try to watch the show, but she often drives me away with her stage whispers and sighs. In spite of its bias, Joe would be the best morning TV if not for her antics and shallowness.

    • 8of12

      Love the trophy wife comparison … Please get that girl a martini – stat! In the words of William Shakepeare, and alas for MB, “The empty vessel make the loudest sound.” Please reel in that girl!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wayne-Tallaksen/100000034959538 Wayne Tallaksen

    The gang at MSNBC obviously thought they were going to get the usual pro Obama drivel,after all he writes for NEWSWEEK. This is a pure anomaly which caught them with their pants down I wonder if he is going to get canned for this. If not that rag might be considered readable again? No Way!

  • GT

    Perhaps Mika needs to have a chat with Lara Logan.