Ryan: Obama punted budget, it’s ‘Debt On Arrival’

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan dubbed President Obama’s budget “debt on arrival,” in the first Republican response to the $3.7 trillion plan released by the White House Monday, adding “it would be better if we did nothing than if we passed this budget.”

Obama’s budget plan would increase the federal deficit by $7.2 trillion over the next 10 years. The administration touted a $1.1 trillion reduction over the projected deficit, accomplished through a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes. The plan calls for $8.7 trillion in new spending over the next 10 years, and $46 trillion in total spending.

Flanked by Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, Ryan said his work on the president’s fiscal commission had led him to hope Obama might take a lead in dealing with the nation’s debt crisis.

“It is not too late to right our ship,” said Ryan. “If we keep punting like this budget does, there will come a moment when it is too late, and that’s why I’m disappointed.”

Ryan, who will write the budget, has already written a detailed “roadmap” for dealing with entitlement reform much maligned by Democrats, but was cagey Monday on whether his budget will tackle the charged issue.

“Wait until we put our budget out and we’ll see,” Ryan said, saying the fiscal year budget in April would be the time for tackling large issues like entitlement reform.

After the third or fourth question about the issue, Ryan replied, “How many times are you guys gonna ask this?”

“Clearly we need to go there, but I’m not going to get into a specific [discussion],” he said. “Anyone who knows anything about me knows we have to tackle entitlements or they’re going to tackle us.”

Sessions stuck up for Ryan saying he’s the only person on the Hill to have proposed a specific solution to America’s fiscal situation and, as a result, gets attacked for it.

Ryan also touched on one of his political liabilities, using his vote for Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the economic disaster that preceded it as a parable for today’s debt crisis.

“I was involved in TARP negotiations in 2008. That was an ugly situation; that surprised us, we didn’t see it coming,” he said. “If your representative…knew the timing, the scope, and the nature, knew what was necessary and they chose not to do [it] because it wasn’t good politics, what would you think of that person?”

The president has seen the problem, acknowledged it, and with this budget, “ducked it,” Ryan said.

Sessions asked for presidential leadership on reforming entitlements.

“Now we’re faced with taking on something as complex and deeply emotional as entitlements and the president isn’t even in the game, doesn’t even suggest it should be done,” Sessions said.

  • layer100

    Ryan has missed the point againas usual. Obama did what was best for the country and not the rich cats of the republican party. Ryan again is focused on playing politics and scoring points where as our president main concern was for the people. That money that Obama agreed to will not come out of his pockets so i don`t see where anybody like Ryan is rejoicing. Typical mentality of the teapublicans whose only concern is tying to degrade our president yet in turn makes himself look like a little school boy who says to his classmates….nana nana na na….lol

  • DonnyV

    Senator Ryan is from the party that repeatedly used the campaign phrase ‘death panel’ to describe end of life counseling, who now wants to privatize Medicare. Tell me that won’t be a ‘death sentence’ to our veterans and the elderly. This is the guy that repeatedly says we need to bring spending down to 2008 levels. This is totally ridiculous; we need to get the deficit down to 2000 levels with appropriate spending and taxation levels. He also stated regarding the protests in Wisconsin, “It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison these days.” – I guess Ryan is totally against freedom both here and abroad. The reality is that Ryan doesn’t know what a riot looks like. If these guys get their way Cairo will look like a Sunday school picnic.

  • truebearing

    When historians write about Obama’s presidency, or America’s Dark Ages, they will call it: Death on Arrival.

    Ryan is trying to right our ship. Obama is desperately trying to sink it.

    Ryan is a patriot that loves this nation. Obama is an enemy to everything we stand for.

    Ryan is a good man. Obama is evil.

    Any questions?

    • layer100

      I see you have been given some of tha tea they drink. You obviously don`t read and if you do you don`t understand what you do read. You probably don`t watch TV and if you do you are tuned in to the fix news who`s only news the broadcasts are lies and more lies. Fix news have nobody to gather facts so the make things up as they go and people like you sit and take it all in. No wonder Bush got away with driving us in the ditch all the while you were sitting there believing he was keeping us safe and not knowing that we were attacked o Bush`s watch. But I won`t spoil your parade just keep watching Fix news,the are geared up for viewers like you. Real Americans have better things to do than to listen to propaganda but if that is what turns you on then keep turning on to Fix news.

    • layer100

      That ship you aare talking about is tha the same ship Ryan was on when he was under Bush? Is that the ship that Ryan and his dummy buddies help sail during the great Bush and Cheny lies about WMDs? You really neeed to get on that ship now because once you learn about the holes it has in it you will be needed to take your foot out of your mouth and try to cover as many holes as you can. They say love is blind and in republicans situations stupidity is closing in to a close second and gaining. Republicans in Wisconsin have found out how truthful their republican governor can be but this is just the tip of the republican iceberg. Stay tuned for the paul Ryan Show and watch him take from the poor and give to his rich buddies. This is one you don`t want to miss,believe me it will be a tear jerker at least…lol.

  • bozsbusiness

    This budget is another payday for the unions. Biden (union enabler in chief) must have had his people and cohorts deeply involved in writing thie POS.

  • Blackheart_Six

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…..
    THEY CAN’T STOP SPENDING… It’s beyond them. Federal Government spending is out of control, and they don’t know where or how the money is being spent.

    Good example….
    I work for an equipment manufacture. We installed 2 pieces of equipment at 2 sites. Worth about a half million. They won’t even use them, or very sparely. What a waste of money, time, and effort. All in the name of National Security, and some edict by DHS.

    I love my Country, I hate my Government…

  • ITYS

    Not only does he vote present yet again, he has validated the calculated destruction many believe. How much more evidence is needed? The debt is overwhelming, unemployment continues to be quite high and gas is now the highest prices EVER for the month of February!!! So instead of US drilling/oil & gas exploration which would create an incredible amt of JOBS, we get more draconian regulations and confiscatory taxes. Everyone talks about entitlements, address welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies along with SS, Medicare and Medicaid. Remember SS/Medicare have been payed into, the others have not. There is so much fraud w/Medicare and money payed for non-citizens’ HC it is deplorable. Close the borders and if you are on welfare we would have jobs and potential job training.

    Enough with this president, we have got to get to 2012 and send him home, the destruction is becoming untenable. The republic is truly at risk.

  • barryaz

    Once again our dear leader has voted PRESENT. All he and his cronies can think about is getting re-elected and then how much more damage they can all do to this once great country.