Chris Christie to Andrew Cuomo: Don’t leave your ‘Jersey Shore’ trash here

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, wants New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo to take back two cast members of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

“Remember, Snooki is from Poughkeepsie and the Situation is from Staten Island,” Christie told the New Jersey news website NJ.com. “That’s not New Jersey.”

Christie added that Cuomo is a “good friend” but that the Garden State is tired of being associated with the often-inebriated reality show stars.

“Take them back. We don’t want them,” he said.

While it is true that Michael “the Situation” Sorrentino was born in Staten Island, the website notes that he was indeed raised in New Jersey. Celeste Katz, the political blogger for the New York Daily News, points out that fellow cast member DJ Pauly is in fact a Rhode Islander.

According to Christie, New Jerseyans are “people who are straight talkers, who don’t put up with any BS, who say what’s on their minds and are not afraid to do the right thing.”

Governor Cuomo has not yet responded to Christie’s request.

  • Callie369


    FORGET IT!!!! Christi is an IA(illegal alien)lover and stands for shamnesty!

  • magicbeans

    This is rediculous. I like Chris Christie taking on the unions. That seems important and a good use of his time. But Jersey Shore, really? Who cares? What would Karl Rove say about his gravitas? I’m just thinking if Sarah Palin was fighting with a reality show she would be catching some hell for it. He needs to get over his Jersey Shore actors are from NY obsession. After all neither Christie nor Cuomo get to tell citizens where they can live. Cuomo can’t take them back and Christie can’t kick them out of Jersey either. Its a pathetic MTV show and after all he can’t say the same for the Jersey housewives and they are just as embarassing. And Ann Coulter wants this man to run for president?

  • rightwinghomosexual


    THIS is a man. He will stand up and SPEAK FROM THE HEART. I wish Gov. Christie would run, but I dont think he will. He would cream Obama.

    It’s refreshing to see *someone* standing up and calling the trash on Jersey Shore … trash.

    If Christie does not run, were going to be stuck with the RINO’s Huckabee, Romney or Pawlenty.


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