Food police: Mika Brzezinski insisting Starbucks ‘make a teen drink with lower caffeine’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski is on an endless crusade against the food industry for the ingredients it uses in products, a cause she is not shy about promoting during her live morning broadcast co-hosted with Joe Scarborough.

However, on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe,” Brzezinski did something that MSNBC might frown upon: She went after her own program’s primary sponsor, Starbucks.

“I need to talk to you at the Starbucks about something. We’ll get to that,” Brzezinski said. “No, it’s about teen drinks. They need to make a teen drink – they do. All the kids drinking – yes, they need to make a teen drink with lower caffeine because my Starbucks is full of teens juicing up on caffeine and getting over-caffeinated.”

That drew a quick rebuke from Scarborough, calling it a “moral scolding.”

“You have got to stop, you have got to stop,” Scarborough said. “This is an intervention right now.  Just step away from the moral scolding.”

“I’m helping Starbucks,” Brzezinski insisted.


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  • SCGirl

    Decaff is available at Starbucks. Can Mika Brzezinsk not read the Starbucks menu?

  • ramp59

    Poor Mika. Just another fine example of the Peter Principle.

    • spike1120

      Is it true that she is being considered for sainthood? Her miracle was making the ratings of Morning Joe sink to the bottom of the nation. It will be cool when Starbucks says they’ve had enough of her BS.

  • kolaboy

    Ratings should be her primary concern, not coffee. Ratings as in “having none”.

  • southernandproud

    She puts new meaning in the term “dumb blond.” Could she be long lost twin of Meaghan McCain? Dumb and dumber?

  • rone

    mira another ugly leftist

  • unmutual

    Shut up Mika.

    The Descendents – Kids on Coffee


  • krjohnson

    I’m not a Starbucks person, I don’t even drink coffee, but don’t they have decaf already?

    And anyway, I think a lot more teens drink soft drinks like Mountain Dew and Coke than drink Starbucks. They aren’t that rich.

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  • JDoe

    STARBUCKS sponsors that Commie channel ?

    Note to self:

    Add STARBUCKS to the list of companies to boycott !

    Too bad, I liked their coffee….but LIBERTY is more important than a

    cup of coffee to me.

    I urge ALL Patriots to be a little less selfish and BOYCOTT also !

    Thank you.

  • rightwinghomosexual

    Mika: Keep your liberal opinions OUT of our coffee. I drink Starbucks almost every day (yes I am addicted and yes I know the company is left wing), but they make a great product, and thats why I buy it.

    Mika is simply another glitter-Marxist do-gooder who will tell YOU how to live, but she will then repair back to her million dollar mansion, $550 espresso machine where she will make her own Starbucks.

    Liberal hypocrite.

    MEMO TO MIKA: GO BACK TO WHAT YOU DO BEST – preening and smiling in front of the camera with your RINO friend, Joe Scarborough.

    • loudog

      What makes Scarborough a RINO?

      • krjohnson

        Joe talks to liberals and sometimes agrees with them on small, unimportant issues. He also is on a network that is blatantly partisan.

        I like Joe, I don’t think of him as a RINO, but that’s pretty much the argument against him.

        • loudog

          Oh, he talks to liberals, Americans talking to other Americans, shocking.

        • 1TrueOne55

          If that is your idea of a RINO then you are deluded. And most people that have been in Congress whether the Senate or the House have and will always talk to the other side, so by your definition they are all RINOs.