President Obama left off royal wedding guest list

The Queen has sent out nearly 2,000 invitations to her grandson Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, and it appears President Obama and his wife Michelle are among those who didn’t make the cut, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Obama has been criticized by some for not embracing the ‘special relationship’ that has existed between the U.S. and Britain since the Second World War. Shortly after he arrived in the White House, the president presented Queen Elizabeth with an iPod and then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown with a bundle of American DVDs that would not work on British players. He also returned a bust of Winston Churchill that had stood in President George W. Bush’s Oval Office.

Last year, Mrs. Obama also touched the back of Queen Elizabeth’s back which, as White House watcher Keith Koffler notes, is considered a major breach of protocol when dealing with the royals.

During the last major royal wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981, both President Reagan and his wife Nancy were invited to the ceremony. Mrs. Reagan attended the event.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni were likewise not invited to Prince William’s wedding. Sarah Ferguson, the Dutchess of York and frequent target of Britain’s tabloids, was left off the guest list as well.

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  • mikala

    firstly I would like to say I am british, and I saw some of the comments one said that all britons [full way of referring to a british person] hate obama, may I just say that is not the case, I am really happy America has its first black president, it’s amazing. Also I do not know whether the Ipod, the return of the winston churchill bust and the dvd story is true but they only had space for 2,000 guest although that sounds alot it isn’t first and formost is the friends and family of the bride and groom then obviously it will be people they know. niether of them may not have met the obama’s and also it is NOT a state wedding like charles and diana. charles was and is first in line to the throne making him the direct heir where as william is second although he is an heir he isn’t a direct heir meaning it is not a state wedding. If williams wedding was a state wedding there would be about 8,000 guest and then the obama’s would have been invited.

    • mikala

      william and kate even had to drop a few of their friends from the invited and not send them invitations as they were short of places

  • Brit Visitor

    Hi – I’m a visiting Brit and staying in Florida. In the past Brits have supported the UK government when it has taken a decision to stand firm with the USA against regimes that are clearly oppressing their own citizens. Brits did feel that there was a special relationship and that when the US needed support we should give it. This has not been a one way street we have also been able to rely on US help when we needed it. President Obama seems to have no time for Britain and it appears he is quite hostile to the thought of a special relationship continuing. I really hope that this can change, Americans and Brits share a common sense of decency, fair play and tolerance. I think it would be difficult for the Queen to have invited the President to the wedding whilst this hostility is evident. Incidently I am still waiting for my wedding invite. You know I love it here in Florida I wish we could just be friends

    • Ponycar

      We are friends. We just have an idiot as our President.

  • Bluky

    My wife just commented “Who needs Jesus when you’ve got Obama”! LOL!!!!!!

  • Bluky

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t invite them either, LOL!!!!!!!!

  • ZADS

    Those pompous a$$es can stick their snubbing high noses up their blue moons. Obama is too good for them. It’s about time the monarch lowered their brow and faced reality. They’re outdated. They’re boring. They’re standard everyday people, no better than you nor me – infact they’re lesser than if they consider them above others. He could teach them a thing or two in character.

    • sweetz424

      I hear that!

    • Mark Oregon

      The FIRST THING Obama did was to return a bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits. Obama hates the Brits, Israel and American exceptionalism. I wouldn’t let Obama on my property. Obama is a lowlife lying opportunist. His presence at the wedding would ruin it.

    • designerrant

      Obama is not too good for them. And if they don’t want him at their wedding it is okay. He has not had the best relationship with them, right from the start. Obama gave the queen an Ipod with his speeches loaded onto it – how narcissistic can you be?

  • Skepticus

    This is going to be a classy event so inviting the obama’s would only serve to cheapen it.

    • sweetz424

      Now why would that happen? Are you saying they are cheap? These are the people that represnt us…. Why would you say such a thing… You shold move over there… and be with Prince William… They would say the same thing about you… So please if you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything at all… ESPECIALLY since you’re just as cheap…. (I’m Sure)

      • designerrant

        Get over it, he would make it all about him. I am glad they didn’t invite him, we would be paying millions of dollars to send him there. His staffing needs would overtake London.

      • tiggergram

        Oh my! If you feel the Obamas “represent” you, you’re either not an American and/or not proud to be an American. How could you if you can say that…when Barack has done nothing but apologize to foreign nations for our character; when he’s sided with a third-world nation against one of our own states; when he’s gone to extreme lengths and expense to prevent exposure of his original birth certificate; when he’s embarrassed America with the return of a gift (the bust of Winston Churchill which was loaned to us after the Sept 11 attacks); when he’s snubbed our friends and sided with our enemies; who surrounds himself with Marxists?…and the list goes on and on. This is a person who has no couth, no class, no morals, and no conscience. And he certainly does NOT represent the majority of Americans! So speak for yourself alone if you feel that way – that he represents YOU.

  • truebearing

    They probabaly didn’t want Obama bowing and scraping to everyone, from the Queen to the royal poodle. And they didn’t want Michelle running around telling people they can’t eat anything but cramp bark.

    The only thing I’d invite them to is an impeachment trial.