The persecution of Phill Kline

But the most damning evidence that an arm of the Kansas Supremes is conducting a mafia-like political hit against Kline is that two independent lawyers hired by Hazlett and the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator’s Office to investigate the same ethics complaints filed this statement in 2008 after concluding their 18-month investigation: “After reviewing the substantial documentation in this case, it is the opinion of these investigators that there is not probable cause that Phill Kline violated any of the rules of ethics.”

It is no wonder the American public is fed up with the judicial activism rampant in our court system. The ethics trial against Kline is not only an embarrassment to the fanatically pro-abortion Kansas Supreme Court — guilty, in reality, of the very complaint levied against Kline — it is also a great blow to the concept of justice and the rule of law.

Jill Stanek is a Registered Nurse and founder of the Pro-Life blog www.jillstanek.com.