VIDEO: Andrew Cuomo gets heckled, still refuses to raise taxes

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Will Rahn
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A radical New York City councilman and other protesters disrupted a Sunday night speech by Andrew Cuomo, the state’s budget-cutting Democratic governor, reports local news channel YNN.

Supporters of councilman Charles Barron, a former Black Panther who ran for governor last year, shouted Cuomo down with chants of “tax the rich” and “stop the cuts.”

“How are you tonight, Charles?” the governor deadpanned as Barron marched through the Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators’ annual dinner. “I can’t see who it is. But I know who it is.”

Cuomo has been under fire from some New York lawmakers because of his proposed budget cuts and his refusal to increase taxes.

“I don’t believe in increasing taxes,” the governor told reporters after the speech. “I believe it’s counterproductive for the state. I believe more people will leave the state and you’ll have less revenue.”

“So, I think it actually hurts the economy of the state to raise taxes at this time. That’s what I believe. I believe that, started saying that over a year ago in the campaign. So my belief hasn’t changed.”


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  • magicbeans

    I didn’t vote for him and I’m still not sure he won’t cave but this is a good sign. NY State is definately Taxed Enough Already.

  • brettrow

    I have 1% respect for him, which is double what I had for him a week ago. Good for him!

  • HLDG

    With about 2 minutes practice, this guy could pull off Al Pacino’s voice better than anyone since Al Pacino.

  • dirtytricksjusttowin

    Hmmmm. A DINO? A common-sense conservatives who doesn’t believe in class warfare. Good luck to you sir!