Scott Brown on Lindsay Lohan: ‘I think about her a lot’

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown has something in common with trainwreck Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen. Both men have publicly offered advice to troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, who, among many other things, was recently in court on jewelry theft charges.

During a Tuesday appearance on Talk Radio Network’s America’s Morning News, Brown was asked about his adolescent shoplifting tendencies and whether he had any words of wisdom for Lohan.

“It’s funny you mention that,” Brown said, according to Politico. “I think about her a lot. And I often say, you know what, I wish I could have, like, 10 minutes with her and just sit her down and talk to her and say… you know, ‘cuz who doesn’t remember her in The Parent Trap, this incredible movie, this bright young actress with this bright young life? And now all of the things you read about her, you feel badly. You just want to kinda go out and just talk to her and say, you know, ‘You can do better and be better.'”

Brown said he hopes Lohan gets help from people close to her, adding that he would advise the Mean Girls star much as he would his own daughter.

“So, I would hope that she would start to get some real guidance from some people that care about her and [are] not looking for headlines or purse strings attached,” Brown said. “I kinda look at her like, almost, I would say the same thing to my daughter. So, I guess it reflects my age.”

Sheen, who started rehab at the end of January and whose partying habits are well known in the public eye, said last week that Lohan could use more impulse control.

“Um… work on your impulse control,” Sheen advised Lohan during a Feb. 16 airing of the Dan Patrick Show. “Just try to think things through a little bit before you do them.”

  • Drahcir

    Scott Brown,
    You have two things that Miss LIlo could use.

    1) You have money, that she can spend at her will.

    2) You have political ties, she can use to help her out of jail.

    How does that song go? Oh yea “Two out of three ain’t bad……”

  • Caring2

    Numerous attempts have been made to help Lindsay Lohan. A prison minister, Marty Angelo has even offered to serve her jail/prison/probation time if she would go to and complete a faith-based residential treatment program like Teen Challenge. She seems to be her worst enemy by not wanting to get better and only going for treatment to please the courts and not herself. She will only recover when she realizes she needs help. The courts can only point the way… but not transform anyone. That happens between God and man. God will use the courts … to bring one to one’s knees and maybe this is what Lohan needs again. She certainly is not taking up the prison minister’s generous offer. Shame…

  • rockyfrisco

    I’m pretty sure Lohan could benefit greatly from taking Baclofen, an anti-anxiety drug with almost no adverse side-effects that treats obsessive and compulsive behavior, including cravings and addiction.

  • borntoraisehogs

    Brown should think about all the chump conservatives who voted for him for the last time, and all the democRats who never did and never will.

    • SargeH

      raisedasahog: How can you possibly quarrel with anything Brown said despite DC’s attempt to put its own spin on it with a misleading headline? They tried to make it look like Brown has a “thing” for Lohan. Let’s leave that kind of crap to MesSNBC and the other liberal so-called media.

    • SargeH

      Then explain why the latest polls show him with a 59 to 29% approval rating.

  • PresidentItsnotmyfault

    Scott, all of the compassion in the world isn’t going to make Lindsay Lohan respect herself. At this point she needs to experience the consequences of her conduct. If that doesn’t change her, she has no hope.