White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: Obama’s silent on Libya because of ‘scheduling issue’

While things are falling apart in other parts of the world, things at the White House are busy — too busy to notice.

During Wednesday’s White House press briefing, newly minted Press Secretary Jay Carney responded to a question from CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller about when people might expect to hear President Barack Obama address the situation in Libya. Carney’s reason why they haven’t yet: Scheduling. (h/t Real Clear Politics Video)

“This is just a scheduling issue,” Carney said. “As I said, the president will meet with Secretary of State [Hillary] Clinton this afternoon, his regular meeting and they will obviously discuss Libya. We will have something to say out of that meeting and if possible, the president will speak this afternoon or tomorrow.”

Carney declined to offer any hints about what the president’s message would be, but reiterated the details would be forthcoming.


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  • billbrady

    It’s way past time for another distracting toga party in the WH. Toga, Toga, Toga, Toga…………………Road trip…………….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Quinney/1619139154 Michael Quinney

    At least Carney doesn’t wear pink ties.

    Gosh, I hope that Iran phones ahead and makes an appointment with his worship before they try and nuke Israel. I wouldn’t want there to be a scheduling issue.

  • johnny mojo

    POSOTUS and his new Boy Wonder Press Secretary drop the ball again. This freakin Bum is a disgrace to the office.


  • citiman

    Carney seems to be ok (although 1st several weeks on the job shows some incompetency).
    So my question….how can any “ok” person work for Obama?
    I can understand Gibbs the Blubber or Emanuel or a number of others. But this guy? Your “momma” must be real proud of you.

  • curmudgeon

    Goodness, we have to figure out how to install telephones in the White House.