Milly Cooper, 96, makes £50k a year as an escort

A woman who has worked as an escort since the end of the Second World War is still earning £50,000 pounds a year from her sex services – at the age of 96.

Milly Cooper was swept off her feet by a wealthy American at the age of 27, and moved from London’s East End to Las Vegas.

But he died in action in 1945, leaving her with a baby daughter and no regular means of support.

Milly, who had worked as a showgirl, was coaxed into becoming a high-class escort – and was soon earning a small fortune in the United States, where she has lived for most of her life.

Full Story: Milly Cooper, 96, makes £50k a year as an escort | Mail Online

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  • teff

    u go girl, at ur age if you can still get the boys to pay ur a winner.

  • tango

    Oh my. I guess it’s a smart brothel that has someone available to satisfy a mans desire to be with a much older woman.

  • ChickFight

    Her insides must be made up of old army boots. yikes.

  • toomuchinfo

    If she has a clone it will be a Mini-Cooper schtuper!

  • AtomicAsphalt

    Things really must be getting REALLY bad in Las Vegas…Does Medicare even cover STD’s?

    • toomuchinfo

      She could be Harry’s mom, and he’s trying to shut her down!

  • clw

    96!? God bless her if she has the energy. Holy cow!