Nevada prostitutes, brothel owners say they’re not afraid of Harry Reid

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Chris Moody

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s threat to shut down the regulated sex industry in his state doesn’t exactly have Nevada prostitutes shaking in their G-strings.

“I will lie down for a lot of things, but Senator Reid is not one of them,” said Brooke Taylor, a five-year veteran working girl at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch just outside Carson City.

In his biennial address at the state capitol Tuesday, the Nevada senator vowed to strip the state’s 16 counties of the right to determine their own brothel laws, saying that “the time has come” to rid the state of the practice.

“When the nation thinks about Nevada, it should think about the world’s newest ideas and newest careers – not about its oldest profession,” Reid told the state delegation.

Reid’s call to ban prostitution in the state — which is only legal in a handful of mostly rural counties — received a downright cold response from the audience, which included brothel owner Dennis Hof and eight of his “ladies” who work for him at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Hof, and other local industry leaders, said Reid was just using the issue to distract from the state’s other pressing problems. Nevada has one of the worst unemployment rates in the country, and its economy has seen little recovery since the recession began.

By focusing on prostitution, Reid could spend the week back in his district fielding frivolous questions about cathouses and not the state of the economy, brothel owners said.

“Reid is just trying to cover his butt,” Hoff told The Daily Caller. “He’s putting the spotlight on the brothel industry and using us as a red herring. He’s punishing the counties who didn’t vote for him. He’s saying, ‘You didn’t vote for me, then go to hell.’”

Nevada Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, who would have the final say on any proposal to outlaw the industry state-wide, suggested he would veto the bill if it ever made it to his desk.

“It’s up to the counties to decide if they want it or not,” he told the Las Vegas Sun.

In large part, brothel owners and defenders of local rights say that although they take calls from policymakers to eliminate their livelihood seriously, Reid’s speech was an empty threat that lacks any significant support in the Nevada assembly.

“No one has rallied on his behalf,” Bobbi Davis, owner of the Shady Lady Ranch in Goldfield, told TheDC. “In the last election, only one rural country supported him. His son ran for governor and no one supported it. It could be retaliation. It sounds like a dumb thing for a grown man to do, but that could be it.”

  • cmanning1000

    Since more prostitutes are Democrats rather than Republicans, I think Harry Reid is weakening his own power base.

  • D8ve

    They won’t lie down for reid? well there’s your problem, why not? the rest of Nevada has … they do keep re-electing little man Tate don’t they?

  • libertyatstake

    Now, THIS is a mud wrestling match I’d pay good money to see.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • toomuchinfo

    Is Harry’s mom named Milly?

  • Swen

    It’s obvious why Harry Reid wants to shut down prostitution, he can’t stand the competition….

  • Ben Blankenship

    I betcha that more patrons leave those money honeys happily than leave the Vegas dice tables also feeling gooood. Just an observation, of course.

  • billbrady

    It appears the only Americans afraid of Harold Reid are Republican Senators. They still haven’t learned a bloody thing.

  • savage24

    This is how he treats his grassroot voters. It still hasn’t dawn on him that he is in Washington to work for the people of Nevada, not for himself and Obama. If he is really interested in stopping prostitution, he should be going after the Democrats in government.