Report: Jimmy Carter consoled Helen Thomas last summer after controversial remarks

If there was any question where former President Jimmy Carter’s sympathies lie, this might shed a little more light on that.

According to a column in the Feb. 24 edition of the Falls Church News-Press by Nicholas F. Benton, the editor-in-chief of the publication, the paper’s newest columnist Helen Thomas had a surprise waiting for her after an extraordinary interview she gave to HLN’s Joy Behar last week. That was flowers from Rosie O’Donnell, who had been on the record for defending Thomas in the past.

However, as Benton noted, at the time of the Thomas’s infamous remarks, there were very few willing to defend her other than O’Donnell and the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

“[Rosie] O’Donnell sent Thomas, now age 90, flowers in sympathy for the highly upsetting incident and, along with President Jimmy Carter, was one of only a handful of her longtime colleagues and friends to reach out to her,” Benton wrote.

Alana Goodman, the assistant online editor for Commentary magazine, followed up with Benton on that claim. She noted in a post that Benton told her that Thomas told him that Carter reached out to her after the comments.

“Benton told me over the phone that Thomas told him about Carter’s outreach herself, though she didn’t give him details about what the former president said to her,” Goodman wrote. “‘The context was in the context of what transpired,’ said Benton, referring to Thomas’s unceremonious retirement from Hearst.”

If Carter actually did reach out Thomas following her controversial departure from Hearst, it wouldn’t be out of line with his world view. Carter has been a longtime critic of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians, including in his 2006 book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.”

  • kingfish

    It’s clear from some of the comments here that the gravity of Israeli control of the U.S. government has escaped the mainstream. The term “anti-semitic” is used to shut people up. It won’t work any more; people are “waking up” all over the U.S. to Israel’s involvement in 911 and their other crimes. The term is now a compliment, meaning “truth-teller”.

    First, I’m a conservative and have no “like” for the libs OR the Israelis. I believed all the “poor little Israel” stories published in the mainstream media until I “woke up” to who is BEHIND the US taking the “wrong path” since JFK. Many of you are too young to recognize this.

    I learned from READING. JFK tried to make AIPAC, the Israeli lobby, a “foreign” lobby. They “control” our congress. HE WAS SHOT.
    JFK started printing dollars at Treasury to get rid of the FED, owned by 13 wealthy European JEWISH families (and the Rockefellers). HE WAS SHOT, as was Andrew Jackson and Lincoln for trying to rid U.S. citizens of the FEDERAL RESERVE. IT IS NOT “FEDERAL”, AND IS THE BIGGEST LEECH ON THE PEOPLE THAT EVER EXISTED. Further, printing money at the FED (outside Treasury) violates the CONSTITUTION.

    Dual-citizen Israelis have infiltrated all the highest levels of our government (Rahm, Axelrod, the military, and THEY RUN AMERICA. They own the banks, Hollywood, run government, the Pentagon, the think-tanks, newspapers, wall street, and everything else. Their allegiance is to Israel, not Americans. The deaths of 3,000 people and a bunch of firefighters and policemen mean NOTHING to them when they have an AGENDA to invade Iraq & Iran to keep ISRAEL safe, Afghanistan for DRUG money, and the military-industrial complex and American soldiers to do their war-mongering and PAY FOR IT.

    I don’t know about YOU, but “I” don’t like the fact that the MOSSAD murders U.S. troops. I don’t like the fact that the MOSSAD planned and carried out 911, along with Cheney. I don’t like the fact that we have a POLICE STATE in America planned by Jews like Napolitano, Chertnoff (who wrote the PATRIOT ACT), Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson, and NAZIS Bzig Brezinski, Wolfson, and their banker friends on Wall Street.

    And I don’t like the Pentagon ordering brand new airplane engines and other parts at TAXPAYER EXPENSE, then “salvaging” them to give (or sell as “salvage”) to ISRAEL! I don’t like foreign aid to Israel. Let them get out and WORK to pay for their own war-mongering. Why isn’t anyone asking why there are NEVER any inspections of Israel’s nuclear bombs, like the never-ending calls for inspection of Iran’s. YOU CAN BET ISRAEL HAS “PLENTY” OF NUCLEAR BOMBS (THAT ARE NOT INSPECTED), AND THEY HAVE VOWED TO “TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN WITH THEM”!

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  • SargeH

    Poor Helen. The mortuary cosmologist has a lot of work ahead for her.

  • SargeH

    This really shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’m surprised Jimmuh hasn’t gone to Tripoli to negotiate on Ghaddafi’s behalf. After all, he is a “man of peace.”

  • Jeugenen

    Helen Thomas, a leading American intellectual Catholic news reporter, who was awarded Papal Knighthood by Pope Paul VI, now leads Christians and Humanitarians worldwide in justly condemning Israel for massacring the Palestinians and robbing them their of their lands – over the past 60 years. And those members of the aid-extorting and warmonger American Israel Lobby cabal attacking her are coming under assault by many staunch Liberal and Conservative defenders of the God Given Human Rights of all peoples.

    • J Baustian

      Paul VI is not around anymore, so is unable to retract or withdraw any honors he might have bestowed on Helen Thomas.

      If he was alive, however, then he would almost certainly criticized her anti-Semitic insults and disassociated himself from her as far as possible.

  • SuperTalk

    I’m still trying to figure out who is who in this story’s headline pictures

  • moira1987

    Ewwwwwww, barf!!! What a hideous triangle: Helen, Jimmy and Rosie. That’s straight out of the Brothes Grimm…

    • moira1987


      Sorry, still shaky from picturing it…

  • oc in nc

    Anti-America,Anti-Israel yet I don’t see either one packing their suitcases to move out of America. If you can’t root for your home team(America)then get out of the park.

  • ussben

    No matter what brand of lipstick you put on that anti-semite pig s/he is still an anti-semite pig.