The truth about the Wisconsin protesters

Then liberals act like they will be missed if they just quit. If they stopped becoming schoolteachers and social workers, there would be a shortage and one of two things would happen: either salaries would rise based on supply and demand, or their bosses would do more with fewer workers. These people are every bit as dispensable as Wall Street stockbrokers, but the stockbrokers freely admit this. Like professional athletes, they get as much as they can as quickly as they can because they know how quickly and easily they can be replaced.

The left takes a different tactic, which is to blame successful Republicans. First it was Richard Mellon Scaife, then Sheldon Adelson, and now the Koch brothers. All that these people did was work hard, become successful, and use their money to support causes they agree with. This is not a threat to democracy. This is democracy. Unlike George Soros, these conservative participants engage in the system legally.

Liberals are simply jealous that the Koch brothers with one phone call or check can do more than 10,000 frothing, hate-filled protesters. The liberals know they are a dying breed on the verge of irrelevance. This makes them even angrier. It would never occur to them to send the Koch brothers their resumes, put on a clean suit and tie, and get a better-paying job.

If liberals would stop yelling “Fox lies,” maybe they would consider applying for a job there as well. Mr. Ailes seems to want hard-working individuals.

Conservatives such as Tea Party attendees protest because everybody is taking too much. They want people to stop spending and cut back. This is selflessness. Liberal agitators protest because they want to take more from others who earned it. They made bad choices in life, and want conservatives to bail them out for letting idealism replace sound financial planning.

Liberals can either become conservatives and make money, or continue boring people to sleep with their crying about how unfair life is. Nobody asked them to go into low-paying careers. Nobody needs them to grow the economy. Nobody would miss them if they were gone.

Nobody is indispensable. Once liberals figure this out, they will cease to exist as liberals.

Until then, they will remain as unbalanced as the economies they are still trying to wreck by being themselves. Conservatives do not have time for such nonsense. We have actual work to do.

Eric Golub is a Brooklyn-born stockbrokerage and oil professional living in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles. His blog is the TYGRRRR EXPRESS and his three books are “Ideological Bigotry,” “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.” His interests include politics, football, the stock market, and Republican Jewish brunettes.

  • highnoon1

    If Walker offered every teacher $300,000 a year but they have to opt-out of their union, do you think Trumka or Obama would encourage them to accept. I do not think so.


    Ok, I am going to step in here. For those who had kind words for my article, again thank you. Please become a fan of TYGRRRR EXPRESS on Facebook and visit my website http://www.tygrrrrexpress.com

    Now, to the one guy who offered the leftist screed…I would not drive a Mercedes because my father is a Holocaust survivor and an NRA member. He would shoot me if I bought that car. As for hookers and blow, that would be Hollywood liberals. I have never met Charlie Sheen much less partied with him. As for $1,000 bottles of wine, I do not drink alcohol. My dad left the liquor cabinet unlocked when I was young, which made it boring. I prefer soda, which at most costs $4 for a 6-pack. I have never smoked marijuana, which I doubt can be said about many of the University of Madison students protesting right now rather than going to class.

    As for my point about teachers, I stand by it. If you don’t like the pay, don’t teach. Either do a low paying dead end job out of sheer love or necessity and shut up about it, or seek a high paying job, roll the dice, and risk spectacular failure and also shut up about it.

    People who go into low paying jobs out of altruism have only themselves to blame when they realize they are not as altruistic as they thought. Period.

    People who go into high paying jobs out of power lust have only themselves to blame if it blows up on them. They could have taken the lower paying safer route. Period.

    One can pursue wealth and power without being greedy, breaking the law, or hurting others. Provided one lives an honest life, amassing wealth and power is patriotic and American.

    Make your choices and live with them. Done.

    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

    • truebearing

      What it comes down to is that conservatives hold dear the wisdom of the ages and value the wealth inherent in virtue. They understand that morality is the human survival code and that we, as a species, were never intended to live as parasites. They understand that self reliance isn’t narcissism, but the ultimate altruism, for a strong man can help a weak man far better than another weak man. Of this the left knows nothing.

      The left is peopled with fools who harbor huge amounts of negative emotions and motives. They are envious, jealous, resentful, spiteful, falsely proud, scornful, cynical, hateful, and profoundly dishonest. Their operating principle is the great anti-ethic, the end justifies the means, which is nothing less than formulaic evil. The left embraces everything that is the antithesis to virtue and decency, and they think it’s funny. They are excessively proud and arrogant, never learning from history, never humbling themselves before the truth, and never, ever admitting the horror of the left’s heinous murdering of over 150,000,000 citizens of regimes who promised an egalitarian utopia.

      If prosperity is an error, than surely survival is a sin, because prosperity enhances survival. The left is a cult of death, and has ruled the great mortacracies of the 20th Century. They simply are too depraved to understand that to survive you must thrive, as an individual and a species, and to survive humankind must follow the great moral teachings the left despises.

  • daniel2

    The reality is that the wealthy give a smaller percent of their income to charity than the middle class. How many of Mr. Golub’s Wall Street friends are putting their careers ahead of marriage and children to build soup kitchens? No, they’re chasing after the latest Mercedes, thousand dollar bottles of wine, and McMansions full of unused rooms, not to mention the hookers and blow. That’s their choice but don’t get all indignant and act like it’s a claim to the moral high-ground.
    Jesus Christ was such a stupid young idealist minstering the poor and downtrodden face-to-face like that. He should have set up his own table next to the money-changers and paid someone else to do it. Right, Eric?

    • TommyV

      You know what moron……there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making tons of money and chasing after the latest mercedes or a nice house or two or three….it’s what I enjoy doing and I’m good at it daniel. And you see something wrong with this? The only reason you could is the green eyed monster daniel….what’s the matter….you can’t do it can you? AW….that’s too bad. We won daniel and we’re going to do everything you’re opposed to so get used to it because here it comes!!!!! Now you know how we felt over the last 2 years but we didn’t cry and run away like the children you liberals are. I can’t wait for the next slauughter in 2012!

      • daniel2

        If you want all those things, great, go for it. But this article is dumping on people who don’t make that choice as stupid.
        By the way, classy touch going straight for personal insults.

    • Jess81

      As I recall my New Testament, Jesus didn’t have much good to say about the men who made a great show of their “charity”. He also didn’t have anything bad to say about his apostles who were wealthy and didn’t despise the owner of the vinyard–in fact, he pretty much puts the owner in charge of wage decisions. No where did Jesus say that “helping” your neighbor involved confiscating or stealing one person’s earnings and handing them out to the poor.

      And a small point here, but the author said his father survived the Holocaust, so I’m going to deduce that he’s not a Christian. Also, his article doesn’t say one word about despising teachers or laborers or cops or fire fighters. He just says it’s a choice, so stop belly aching about YOUR choices.

      I’ve never belonged to a union and believe there’s something very anti-liberty about a group of people who demand my money for representation I don’t want. That reeks of the mob demanding “protection” money from store owners. If I don’t like a job or an employer, I find another job and employer. If I’m not qualified for another job, then I scrub floors and wait tables to put myself through college so I can be qualified. Choices.

      Scott Walker and every single person who writes and talks about this subject needs to point out that those of us who pay the bills are not potted plants. We work too. We’re workers only we aren’t guaranteed a job regardless of our job performance or lack there of.

      Finally, as regards your argument that rich people don’t give much, when you get into the weeds, that dog won’t hunt. Are you referring to the Obama’s (before he got the million for the peace prize and added that to his “gifts”) or Joe Biden? Or perhaps the backer of moveon who began his working career working with the NAZI’s to identify Jews to send to the death camps? George Soros who destroyed indiscriminately the rich, the middle class and the poor in his quest for wealth, and who is now going after American corporations, this bright star of the left keeps his funds off shore. Goldfinger Soros is pretty much the definition of evil.

  • daniel2

    So, teaching America’s kids or working at a soup kitchen is stupid? The only worthy goal in life is chasing money? Clearly, being satisfied with a modest, comfortable existence and wanting to help others is something we should heap scorn upon.
    Eric Golub, you are a delight. A simplistic, amoral delight.

    • TellTheTruth

      Daniel…you misunderstood. No..following your passion and dedicating yourself to the aid of others is noble, but not necessarily lucrative. THAT is the choice many are confronted with…myself included. Having gone to college on a science scholarship, but not wanting to make a living in that field, I made the decision to go into fine art; I knew I was never going to be rich at it. That wasn’t the decider however and I’ve been blessed to make a modest living doing what I love! I wouldn’t join a union if there was one as I find great satisfaction in the free market, nor would I pay dues to a collective or be forced to accept what they did with my money, i.e. doling it out to politicians I don’t support. The price you pay for following your muse is not being wealthy in the material sense, but if you want to serve others, more power to you……..just don’t whine or protest for your own choices.

      • daniel2

        Two points:
        #1: Mr. Golub is straight-out calling anyone who wants to teach or be a social worker stupid. It’s not like he disguised his opinion.
        #2: The teachers in Wisconsin are not whining or protesting their choice to educate children over chasing money on Wall Street. They are protesting pay cuts, having to pay more for insurance, and the loss of their right to bargain as a group. What are you saying? If you choose to be an educator, you’re a special class that just has to shut up and take it?

        • TommyV

          It’s the election stupid ;)! Geez!

        • Jess81

          You need to copy and paste where he despises people who teach, etc. etc. I can’t find that in his article. Public employees are very unlike private employees. Federal employees can’t negotiate wages or benefits and they can’t demand a closed shop. The reason? There’s probably 30 books of the US Code protecting them under the Civil Service Laws. Wisconsin has very strong Civil Service laws. Government produces nothing. Not one single thing. They provide a service and if you make the choice to work for government, you accept the natural and reasonable restrictions of that service.

          Tell me, do you think our military ought to be able to strike and negotiate benefits? Talk about under-compensated for stress on the job. Teachers get a darn fine wage for about 8 months of work. 3 months vacation in the Summer; two weeks off for Christmas and a week off for Spring break, plus paid snow days and every other federal holiday. Are you kidding me?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deron-Reid/1029130975 Deron Reid

    Ayn Rand lumped college professors into the “looter” class. i remember thinking this was harsh. then remembered that in fact, my college professors were just grownups afraid of the outside world and never had the courage to leave school.

    looters all.

    • TellTheTruth

      I have to agree Deron. In college, my art professors were supplied with a free studio, supplies, income and bennies…..they would NEVER have made a living in the real world! When I asked for advice on getting into galleries and making a living outside academia…the response was…teach and you won’t have to. In a recent article about art education in the liberal universities…the stats showed that only 1% (!) of arts graduates EVER made a living in the field…can you imagine if that were true for medical schools or law degrees?…heads would roll! BTW…that 1%…become teachers.

  • mrsknielsen

    What is the point of building a soup kitchen if there is no one to work in it?

  • Sproing

    Powerful but to a great extent right on the mark. We all make choices in life and there are always consequences to those choices.

    In my case I went into teaching as soon as I had graduated from College. I loved the job but very soon realized that I was never going to be able to afford those things that I wanted for myself and my future family. I was forced to make a choice. There’s that nasty word again. I chose to leave teaching (History & Economics)and go into the automotive retail business. That was in early 1976. Almost 7 years later after working 70-80 hour weeks for 50 weeks out of every year I was able to put together a financial pkg. that allowed me to open a new car dealership for one of Detroit’s then Big 3. That would have never happened on a teacher’s salary.

    I have maintained friendships with several of my contemporaries who remained in teaching at the very same institutions they were at those 35 years ago and they have done reasonably well at their chosen profession. Notice I say ‘chosen’. In any case every single;e one of them has either become or remained left leaning liberals who when ever possible regurgitate the same liberal lines that I hear so much on these various boards. Corporations are evil, business men are nothing but greedy pimps for their corporate masters, tax breaks are only for the rich, and we (collectively as teachers) don’t get paid enough or get the respect we deserve. There’s generally much more but you get the drift. At their extremes some of them have gone so far as to espouse that the world’s evils are all as a result of the United States even though the U.S. has only been on center stage for about 100 years out of Western Civilizations almost 2,000 years.

    Even FDR recognized that to unionize the public sector workers was the worst possibly outcome for sound and sensible financial management, and he was not alone in his castigation of the concept. Over my lifetime I’ve watched the progression from civil service workers generally being thought of as less well paid then their private sector counterparts but with very good and solid retirement benefits to being over-paid as much as 30-40% and with now what would be seen as incredibly lucrative guaranteed benefits in addition. They have been a major factor in the exploding debt of the 50 states as well as a political powerhouse almost without equal due to their immense political contributions as well as manpower contributions to the Democratic Party that helps sustain their stranglehold on he taxpayers wallets.

    This immense power ends up being vested in a very narrow body of union leaders who may very well not be working in the best interests of their actual membership, a membership that has no real say in where their dues go or even in when or how those dues are paid.

    If 51% of a specific workforce votes to be in a union should 100% of that workforce be required to contribute dues? Should they even be required to become part of a union they voted against or should they be able to negotiate for themselves if they so choose?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Arechavala/100000303841461 Joseph Arechavala

    So what Golub is really saying here is that liberals care for their fellow man and want to improve society by their service, while conservatives are greedy slobs out to amass as much as possible for themselves at others’ expense and to hell with anyone else.

    Thanks for clarifying that, Eric.

    • thephranc

      Thats not what hes really saying. What hes saying in a sample so basic any liberal will understand it is this: Conservatives teach a man to fish while liberals give a a man a fish so he will need to keep coming back for their help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Quinney/1619139154 Michael Quinney

    Remember the old adage:
    “Those that can, do.”
    “Those that can’t, teach”
    “And those that can’t teach, administrate(bureucrats working for the government)”