Supporters of embattled General Caldwell sign open letter

A group of retired military officers and civilians who worked in government have composed an open letter in support of embattled Lt. Gen. William Caldwell.

Caldwell was recently the focus of a Rolling Stone story by Michael Hastings, the journalist best known for writing a profile of General Stanley McChrystal in which the then-commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan criticized his civilian superiors. Despite some criticism of Hastings’s reporting methods, McChrystal lost his job over the incident.

Hastings then set his sights on Caldwell, the general in charge of training the Afghan military as the U.S. prepares to remove combat troops from the country over the next few years. The article deals with Lt. Col Michael Holmes claim that he was illegally ordered by Caldwell to use psychological warfare techniques against visiting U.S. dignitaries, a charge Caldwell and his staff adamantly deny.

  • SteveM

    Well, let’s see. U.S. military targeted PSY-OPS applied to the Afghanis has apparently induced them to hate America even more.

    Give that track record of PSY-OPS efficacy, I would expect Congressional delegations to South Central Asia to return as Communists…

  • BMF

    Kay Greggs:
    You need to get back on your meds. He didn’t order any unit to conduct PSYOP operations. He wanted to know what their positions on various issues were.

    Get real. No one is suggesting that anyone accessed information not in the public domain. The unit, which was not a PSYOP unit, was not asked to do anything other than provide the general with background information that was publicly available.

    The only crime, so far, is that the general forgot that he has political activist in his own ranks that would like nothing more than to discredit the Army.

    Don’t believe me? Every service has a process where by any individual who believes a law has been violated can bring it to the attention of the Adjutant General (a lawyer) to be investigated. The Lieutenant Colonel making the allegations made no attempt to object through official channels. Instead he made his claim directly to a magazine.

    Now that the MSM has launched itself into orbit on this story, it should be thoroughly investigated. So far, however, there is no basis to support the colonel’s allegations that laws were broken.

    • kingfish

      We all know how “well” the IG (or AG) does its job, especially when a general is involved. In fact, what happened to the $4 trillion “lost” at the Pentagon (Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillion) just prior to 911 with Israeli Dov Zakheim as the Pentagon comptroller? Americans are still waiting for an “investigation”.


  • Bsmooth

    Not every intelligence officer is in PSY-OPS. They would have to be in an actual PSY-OPS units, which are primarily attached to Special Ops units.

  • BMF

    Of course the full story is not out, but the information that we have is that the general asked for advice from a military organization that was not an officially trained PSYOP unit.

    So what? I served 21 years in the Marine Corps and every time we had a VIP visit it was all hands on deck to ensure that we knew as much as we could about the nature of their visit and their history.

    It was never to influence anyone. I have to tell you that there isn’t a military commander on the face of the Earth that wants to look like a clueless moron in front of a Congressional Delegation. That means doing your homework. Why? Because very few military officers are political wonks. Some are, but 99% of them just want to get the job done.

    It would be entirely different matter had the general directed the unit to actually conduct a PSYOP operation against the VIPs. But so far there is no evidence that happened.

    So, what this story boils down to at the present is that the general asked a part of his staff to find out as much as they could about the VIPs before they arrived.

    Do you really think that Obama doesn’t have his staff research the positions and history of political figures when he invited them to the White House? If he doesn’t then he’s an incompetent fool–which means, well… let the chips fall where they may.

  • kingfish


    “Lt. Gen. William Caldwell…ordered a group of “information operations” specialists led by Lt. Colonel Michael Holmes to help influence visiting Senators and Congressmen and garner more political support for the unpopular war. Holmes tells the magazine that when he and his fellow intelligence officers resisted the order, Caldwell’s staff and military investigators set out to ruin their careers.”

    Regardless of how many “friends” come forward to support Gen Caldwell, his illegal “direct orders” to conduct psy-op activities on ELECTED OFFICIALS negatively affect every American. He’s trying to divert money to the perpetual war machine, as if they haven’t stolen enough in Iraq and the Afghanistan poppy fields and hired mercenaries to do their jobs to boot. It’s NOT this or any other general’s prerogative to thwart the will of the people; he’s a self-serving jerk who needs to be removed. AMERICANS DON’T WANT MORE MONEY SPENT ON WARS — the generals all know it!

    The top Pentagon generals’ neocon plans to create perpetual false flags to keep terrorism and themselves in the money forever doesn’t make us feel “safe”…far from it. We AND other countries have to worry about what they might do NEXT in conjunction with “our friends the Israelis”. Looks like 911, Oklahoma, WACO, Lockerbie, Beirut, Flt 800, Katrina, Hurricane Andrew? etc. wasn’t ENOUGH! What’s next? HAARP earthquakes and FEMA camps, under the guise of military “exercises”?


    • SargeH

      That tin hat must be getting real tight.