Supporters of embattled General Caldwell sign open letter

A group of retired military officers and civilians who worked in government have composed an open letter in support of embattled Lt. Gen. William Caldwell.

Caldwell was recently the focus of a Rolling Stone story by Michael Hastings, the journalist best known for writing a profile of General Stanley McChrystal in which the then-commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan criticized his civilian superiors. Despite some criticism of Hastings’s reporting methods, McChrystal lost his job over the incident.

Hastings then set his sights on Caldwell, the general in charge of training the Afghan military as the U.S. prepares to remove combat troops from the country over the next few years. The article deals with Lt. Col Michael Holmes claim that he was illegally ordered by Caldwell to use psychological warfare techniques against visiting U.S. dignitaries, a charge Caldwell and his staff adamantly deny.