Barbour to Obama: Why don’t you let federal employees collectively bargain?

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said he stands behind fellow Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin in his battle against public sector unions, and knocked President Obama for supporting the protests while presiding over millions of federal workers who cannot collectively bargain.

Obama recently voiced support for state workers and labor groups in Wisconsin, who have been protesting a bill that would would force them to pay more into their pensions and for health care, and end collective bargaining for public workers.

Barbour, a potential 2012 presidential contender who met with the president this week at a White House governors meeting, didn’t call Obama a hypocrite outright, but he came close.

“The fact of the matter is, the president told us at the White House that he had unilaterally frozen spending for federal employees. Federal employees don’t have collective bargaining rights,” Barbour told reporters during an event at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Wednesday. “The idea you guys have given the country is it’s just like there’s some constitutional right to collective bargaining. About half the states either don’t have it at all – my state does not have collective bargaining – or they limit it. The federal employees are not allowed to have collective bargaining for pay, for pensions, for health care.”

While labor unions that represent federal workers do have some collective bargaining rights, provisions in the Civil Service Reform Act passed under President Carter in 1978 restrict federal employees from using it for pay or pensions and federal workers cannot be forced into a union or required to pay dues.

Barbour has said he plans to announce his plans for a presidential run sometime in April.

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  • superinfidel

    Why aren’t libs screaming about how much athletes and Hollywood actors make? I mean, have you SEEN their paychecks? Evil evil evil. GACK

  • skeptomania

    All this uproar about collective bargaining rights and how federal workers don’t actually have what Obama is supporting in Wisconsin, but how come federal workers are paid so well and it is nearly impossible to get fired with great benefits. I think the civil service protections are more than enough and maybe too much.

  • ramp59

    @des1..Yea, where is flips? He usually chimes in with something STUPID.

  • SunnyJ

    Thank you for standing with Gov Walker and the people of Wisconsin…yes, that’s right the actual people of Wisconsin, not the 10% that are able to spend 2 weeks at a block party in Madison. That would be the chronically unemployed, campus smacks, government union employees because there is little or no accountability for where you are or what you are doing, and the fraudulant Drs and their phoney sick teacher patients that take to the streets when the answer is “no”. Barbour makes an excellent observation…one many that reject Obama’s leadership have noted for some time. That this Pres. is the king of disingenous, hypocracy, and out right dishonesty…whatever suits his purpose at the time. Pretty rediculous to be doing this minimal effort at budget control in DC, while the Pres is calling out Gov Walker for doing “more” in Wisconsin. Hey this is farm country…we know a pile of horsesh..t when we see one, and Obama is knee deep! At least we have a pony in ours. Barbour is a serious dark horse candidate…straight talk, wit, and he did and outstanding job in his state after Katrina. I for one will give him a long look and listen to what he says.

  • des1

    Wait, where are all our resident Libtards to scream about how Carter and now Obama are oppressing the workers because they just care about the rich?

    Seriously, can we get a hypocrite box to check every time one of these half-wits posts here?

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  • mcgirv

    Don’t give him any Ideas!