Did a Portland Couple Shoplift $5 Million Worth of Groceries?

Safeway claims one sticky-fingered Oregon duo lifted everything from shampoo to DVDs over a span of many years.

But finally their run of ransacking has come to an end. Richard Lavern Remington and Angela Rose Evans were arrested two weeks ago for a string of petty thefts at Portland, Ore. supermarkets that added up to one hefty haul.

The couple faced charges last week to accusations that they stole $5 million worth of merchandise from Safeway grocery stores. How could they possibly swipe so many goods while evading capture? After all, Safeway is a national chain with antitheft measures in place, including a loss prevention team. But Remington and Evans apparently slid under the radar with their low-level crime.

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  • Iowa48

    A junkie has to steal $1000 a day to feed a $100 a day habit, as the typical
    return on stolen property is about 10 cents on the dollar. So a junkie may have to steal $365,000 per year, just to cover his dope. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that these criminals stole $5million
    worth of merchandise over a period of years as stated in the article.
    A lot of retailers just factor that cost into what they charge their paying
    customers, rather than paying for adequate loss-control personnel and good
    cameras. I have never figured out why retailers pay for low-resolution
    cameras which produce unusable pictures. Either invest in usable technology
    or quit wasting money.

  • AtomicAsphalt

    Well that’s one way to beat inflated food prices.