Palin clarifies statement on Supreme Court ruling: ‘I wasn’t calling for any limit on free speech’

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin clarified remarks posted on Twitter this week in response to a Supreme Court ruling in favor of a church that demonstrates at military funerals, saying she was making a point about a double standard on free speech, not that the group shouldn’t have the right to protest.

Her quote was interpreted by many news outlets, including The Daily Caller, to mean that she disagreed with the Supreme Court’s ruling, although in a new statement exclusive to TheDC, Palin said she agreed with the ruling in favor of the church.

“Obviously my comment meant that when we’re told we can’t say ‘God bless you’ in graduation speeches or pray before a local football game but these wackos can invoke God’s name in their hate speech while picketing our military funerals, it shows ridiculous inconsistency,” Palin told TheDC. “I wasn’t calling for any limit on free speech, and it’s a shame some folks tried to twist my comment in that way. I was simply pointing out the irony of an often selective interpretation of free speech rights.”

Palin’s original statement, posted the day of the ruling, read: “Common sense & decency absent as wacko ‘church’ allowed hate msgs spewed@ soldiers’ funerals but we can’t invoke God’s name in public square.”

The Court ruled 8-1 upholding the right of Westboro Baptist Church to protest funerals for military servicemen and women killed in action, carrying signs that read “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and “God Hates America.” The group has since vowed to picket even more funerals throughout the country.

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  • chicagochuck

    @Scorpioman, Do you realize that out of six hours of footage shot in one of the “two” interviews you’re referring to they chose questions that were ambiguous at best and intentionally misleading at worst. While other reports of her show her to be a very decisive and insightful person. No I’m not one of the Palin 12 crowd, I think she’s better off doing what she does now, but you are being a “useful idiot” to the left. A majority of Americans identify with her personally though have their doubts politically. But to call her stupid is to deny how right she was on the death panels, and many other statements that showed her to be ahead of the curve. She is correct about the hypocricy and her clarification is in standing with the abreviated Twitter comment. To pretend its not is intellectual dishonesty, but then that should be expected from trolls

  • voted against carter

    SARAH PALIN / (Fill in the Blank) 2012!!!!!!!!

    Something to consider;

    Note; this principal ALSO applies to the OLD 
republican establishment
    (Bush’s, etc)

    You can tell when the LEFT REALLY IS scared
    of a Republican by the amount of vitriol their TROLLS spew.

    The MORE they SPEW,…

    the MORE terrified they are the of the Republican
being able to beat their Dumb-O-cRAT candidate.

    Sarah Palin is the PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS,
    as is Michele Bachmann.

    Sarah Palin SCARES the we-we out of the
    Leftwing-Nut, Libratard, Progressive, Dumb-O-cRAT Party,…


    Wait for it,…

    They KNOW Sarah Palin IS electable,…

    AND IF she runs against barry in 2012,…

    She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.

    (44 or 48 state, LANDSLIDE. Barry will MAYBE get
    IL & MI plus possibly MA, Hawaii, NY, & CA)

    So they MUST do EVERYTHING possible to DESTROY her 

    AND her supporters BEFORE this becomes too apparent.

    Unfortunately for them, it seems the cats out of the bag,…

    and it IS too late.

    Their attempt to link her to the Tucson AZ shooting
    exposed them to everyone for the Liars that they are.

    • letsbehonest

      “You can tell when the LEFT REALLY IS scared
      of a Republican by the amount of vitriol their TROLLS spew.”

      Ahhh.. so this explains all of the vitriol thrown at President Obama by right-wing radio, Daily Caller posters and Fox News, etc.. Thanks for helping me realize why there is so much slandering of our President. You’re just “REALLY scared!”

      Sometimes people on here make very smart posts.

  • ProObamaAgenda

    well this it what it looks like in bizzaro world…..Palin is a lying nutcase and you wing nuts over here support all the garbage she puts out…..caribubimbo HAD to backtrack…. if the supreme court would have ruled the other way all your wing nuts protests at abortion clinics would have to end too as well as a quick reversal of citizens united which too was a 1st amendment protection case….fortunately for all of us the supreme court choose not to let you fruitcakes do what you want and restrict the rest of us….too bad for you….NOW GET YASELVES AN EDUCATION AND LEARN TO ACCUALLY READ AND UNDERSTAND THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BIBLES THAT YOU RUN AROUND WAVING IN EVERYBODYS FACES

  • scorpioman

    As an American, I’m embarrassed by Sarah Palin. She’s as fake as they come. And while she always looks attractive, every time she opens her mouth stupidity falls out. She has managed to misinterpret our constitution twice. What a farce! Any conservative who would vote for her should have their head examined. But I’m not worried because her political career is over. The majority of Americans can see right through her bullsh¡t.

    • Offensive Bias

      When then don’t vote for her. If attractive women turn you off then there are democrat women for you to claim.