Huffington Post contributors aim to expand strike as their concerns are dismissed by company

Contributors on strike from the Huffington Post are expanding their effort as an immediate resolution remains unlikely.

Bill Lasarow, the publisher and co-editor of Visual Art Source, told The Daily Caller in a phone interview that his organization is standing firm with its demands that the site reform its pay and content structures.

Participation in the strike has expanded beyond the membership of Visual Art Source, Lasarow told TheDC. He said that many other Huffington Post bloggers and contributors have joined.

Strike participants are demanding that the Huffington Post implement a system to pay contributors for their content, and for the site to differentiate between paid promotional content and the work of contributors.

Lasarow also said that “there was an interest expressed by some of the writers in developing an outreach campaign” to further broaden participation.

The Huffington Post has not reached out to the contributors who are on strike, Lasarow told TheDC.

“There are a number of staff people, including Arianna Huffington, who we have provided with a copy of the original strike statement,” Lasarow said.

Huffington’s awareness of the strike was confirmed by her statement at a conference Thursday when she said, “Go ahead, go on strike.” She also criticized “the idea of going on strike when no one really notices.”

Lasarow said that the comments show that Huffington, a progressive commentator who built the Huffington Post into one of the internet’s most visited websites with the assistance of unpaid contributors, “is a hypocrite.”

Asked about reports that the Huffington Post was engaging in censorship by removing posts about the strike, Lasarow confirmed that his organization had its strike notice deleted.

“The only thing I know is that we did send in a posting of the strike notice,” he said. The post was, according to Lasarow, “immediately removed.”

  • newsy1

    Professional writers don’t usually work for free. When they do it’s usually because it can somehow help their career, platform etc. These bloggers knowingly wrote for free, if they didn’t become “stars” in the process maybe their writing was not “star” material. For every blogger that strikes 10 will be waiting in the wings to write at fluff-po for free, these guys are confusing fluff-po with an entity that gives a damn. I wrote for AOL for about 6 months recently, then they cut their freelance pay drastically and started handing out crazy assignments that many writers wouldn’t even want their names on. My “strike” was simply choosing not to write for them anymore. Yes, it hurt financially but writing is not an easy profession. As long as writers are going to willingly write for free or almost free it is not going to change.

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  • barnone

    Amazing they are able to discover and immediately remove posts that are negative about HuffPo, but take days to discover death threats and derogatory statements about conservatives.

  • octavian61

    Why is anyone amused? Arianna is a Liberal (a fister) to the core. “Do as I say, not as I do.” “If you don’t like it, we’ll ram it down your throats.” A hypocrite through and through. Reminds me of forced-bussing in that hub of the liberal world, Boston, Ma., back in the 70’s

  • Cody Penn-Dent

    Do I have a stick up my ass because I am striking from HuffPo?

    Yes – but you should know that it is a biodegradable stick!

  • 1TrueOne55

    Well she was a Conservative when she was married. And then she flips to being Progressive when it suits her and now she acts like a conservative again, flip-flop. Will those Unions that she purportedly supports now come calling on her to “do the right thing, the morale thing” and pay these people some of your profits from the site they spent years building for free.

    It is a dilemma is it not? Michael Moore factor, rail against the wealthy and at the same time suing to get more money from partners after the fact you signed an agreement.

  • teapartypatriot

    The lunatic-left extremists who spew their hate of America in HuffPo are appropriated paid at ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, ZIP. If they want to get rich and get 1000 times what they’re really worth they should join a public-sector union and stick it to us taxpayers, like the rest of them do.

  • Raycheetah

    Hey, Arianna got her money, already. Why should she care if HuffPo (or AOL, for that matter) dries up and blows away? Of course, it won’t; there are too many children of the Leftist creed who have no other major outlet for their increasingly marginalized ethos, and who will persist there unless/until she shifts with the wind, again. =^[.]^=

  • silk0226

    Does anyone remember when Ariana was a conservative?? She is truly a hypocrite!!

  • NeoKong

    Loozerow…..Ha Ha !!!