White House says funding NPR remains a presidential budget priority

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney defended Wednesday President Barack Obama’s request for $451 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which provides taxpayer funds to National Public Radio (NPR), PBS and a slew of other media organizations.

The defense comes at a difficult time for NPR. NPR CEO Vivian Schiller and NPR Foundation’s nonprofit President Ron Schiller were both forced out in the past two days after conservative James O’Keefe released a sting video Tuesday morning showing Ron Schiller making disparaging remarks about the Tea Party and Jews, as well as  arguing, contra the official NPR position, that NPR didn’t need federal funding to survive and would be “better off” without it in the long term.

“Everyone agrees that we need to cut spending. The president put forward a budget that does that in dramatic fashion,” Carney said. “We also — that budget also contains within it the president’s priorities, and we’re working with Congress to find common ground, as you know, on the broader budget issues. But we believe that — or rather, we do not support calls to eliminate funding for National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as is evidenced by our budget.”

When pressed by ABC’s Jake Tapper to explain why supporting NPR is a priority of the Obama administration, Carney said, “the budget makes clear the president’s priorities, and among them are the funding at the level that we stipulate in the budget for National Public Radio and for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.” Carney then jokingly asked NPR’s White House reporter, Mara Liasson, if she wanted to join him at the podium to respond further to why it is important for the government to provide funds to the news outlet.

  • HiTekRescu2

    Why would any taxpayer want to contribute hard earned tax dollars to an organization that is supposed to promote fair, unbiased news reporting to the public. Additionally, not only defrauding the public as to donations received but failing to notify the sponsoring government entity that it reports too of any monies received and from whom. Wouldn’t this be classified a FRAUD! A deceptive practice if occurring once, might not this be a tell tale sign of prior offenses that may have been committed as business as usual? Not to mention the flagrantly obnoxious and unprofessional practices of promoting bigotry and ethnic racism? Personally I used to believe that NPR was contributing to the welfare of the public in a positive manner. Quite obviously I was in error. I have sponsored donations many times in the past to NPR. As of this report I will never donate funds to this organization again. I hate being used and I believe that for all of us that have contributed we have been mislead and abused. Our TAX dollars should fund this organization in any way.I fully intend to contact my Senators and Congressman and express my concerns and expectations. Have a great day and may God Bless!

    • HiTekRescu2

      The last sentence should read, “NOT fund” (I think the three little letters fell off the screen before printing.)

  • AtomicAsphalt

    I noticed Carney asked Liasson to join him at the podium to defend NPR, and not Juan Williams….

  • spike1120

    Taking back America is job one. That task began with the election in 2010 and will continue through the 2012 presidential election.

    Many smart people are betting obama will win again even if by voter fraud. We need to remember that there is nothing this terrorist won’t do for another four WH years during which he will do his best to completely destroy America.

    Defunding NPR isn’t the most important thing we have to do but it will sure as hell send a sign that we have had all the crap we can take.

    And by the way, bless Governor Walker and his stance to end union collective bargaining in Wisconsin. This should serve as a blueprint for the same action all over the country.

  • leilani

    Of course he wants the taxpayers to continue to fund NPR. NPR is a non-stop campaign commercial for the Democratic Party.

    He’s a Democrat, ergo he has a vested interest in seeing that his BFFs over there continue to be handsomely compensated for their efforts.

    And really, I ask you, what self-respecting Democrat WOULD want to pay for something for his own benefit out of his own pocket as long as he can force other people into paying his way for him?

    See, some people mistakenly believe the donkey on their logo is the mascot of the Democratic Party.

    Not so.

    It’s the discretely concealed parasite on the rear end of the Elephant’s a$$ in the *Republican* Party logo that is is the official Democratic Party mascot.

    No good Democrat would consider himself successful until he’d done everything he possibly could to bleed everybody else completely & utterly dry.