Wisconsin Assembly passes union measure 53-42 after bitter debate

Madison – After police carried demonstrators out of the state Assembly Thursday, Republicans entered the chamber and approved Gov. Scott Walker’s bill repealing most collective bargaining by public employee unions.

The body voted 53-42 in favor of the budget-repair proposal, sending the bill to the Republican governor after an epic month of struggle unlike anything in living memory in Wisconsin politics. But even with the battle won by Republicans, a wider war remains for both sides. It will likely be fought in the courts and through recall efforts against 14 senators.

All Democrats voted against the bill and were joined by four Republicans – Dean Kaufert of Neenah, Lee Nerison of Westby, Travis Tranel of Cuba City and Richard Spanbauer of Oshkosh. All other Republicans and the body’s lone independent, Bob Ziegelbauer of Manitowoc, voted for the bill.

In a statement, Walker hailed the vote.

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  • southernandproud

    Nice to have a leader who leads! Way to go, Governor Walker!

  • teapartypatriot

    The involuntary transfers of money from taxpayers to the lunatic-left d-crat socialist party via their subsidiary and cash cow, the public-sector unions, is finally over in this state. In addition, the taxpayers of Wisconsin will now be able to save BILLIONS of dollars in taxes by limiting future GOLD-PLATED benefits and the HUMONGOUS pensions of these unionistas.

    THAT’S A GREAT VICTORY for the TAXPAYERS of Wisconsin !!!!!!!!!!

    Now, to further help TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY, Americans in EVERY OTHER STATE must do the same.

  • truebearing

    Collective Extortion is dead in Wisconsin! Hail Walker and the Republicans for kicking Trumpka’s big, fat ass out of the public cookie jar!

    Our Fascist-In-Chief said the Republicans used the bill “to denigrate or vilify public sector employees” in yet another tip of his hat to the union thugs and fasicist coporatism.
    Needless to say, Obama’s comment was stupid and wildly inappropriate. He knows damn well there was no vilification of union workers. He is guilty of trying to stoke animosity and create division, which isn’t surprising coming from the most divisive, dishonest, devious, and derelict of duty president in history.

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  • KGC

    Yes! Finally!

  • mom

    don’t you people understand??
    the stimulus was just to prop you up just for alittle longer
    eventually that too was going to run out
    the sting could have been earlier or later
    now it is time to pay the piper

    life is tough when you run out of other peoples money

  • erick1740

    Awesome, public unions suck. Throw the scum protesters in jail.