Even Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly as NPR hosts wouldn’t sway ‘hardened critics’ says interim CEO


Glenn Beck as host of National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered?” That might turn some heads, but according to interim NPR CEO Joyce Slocum, it still wouldn’t change some people’s perception of the network as a left-wing outlet.

On the most recent broadcast of NPR’s “On the Media,” co-host Bob Garfield interviewed Slocum, who explained her role would be more on the business side of the company.

“The real role for me here is a steady hand on the till here,” Slocum said.

Slocum said she had confidence in the newsroom at NPR to offer “balanced” coverage in the wake of her predecessor being dismissed in the wake of a controversial video showing an NPR executive making disparaging remarks about the Tea Party and Jews.

“Knowing our newsroom and our journalists as I do, I think that they are going to continue to take great care to insure that their coverage is balance, that they are bringing a variety of voices to any given issue,” Slocum said.

Slocum herself has her own ties to Democratic politics, having contributed at least $3,480 to various Democratic politicians dating back to 1999.

However, she said even if NPR had brought in Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and/or Glenn Beck to host “All Things Considered” that wouldn’t change anything.

“Well, there are hardened critics that are never going to change their perception but the really amazing thing that happened with a lot of people who have misperceptions about NPR, but are not hardened by those misperceptions is all it takes for them to change that perception is to turn on that member station and listen for a couple of hours.”


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