New York City pet company sells human-edible dog food


Research claims dog owners tend to look like their pets and now, thanks to two New York City women, dog owners can eat the same meal as their canines.

Hanna Mandelbaum and Allison Weiner own Evermore Pet Food, a Big Apple based business that offers human-edible dog grub so people can safely consume the exact same food as their pups.

Mandelbaum told The Daily Caller that she and Weiner began the human-edible food campaign because they wanted to see more accountability, safety, and high quality food in the animal food market place, citing food recalls of recent years, so creating people-friendly dog chow would be a wise way to demonstrate the safety of their own products.

“It is a delicious food for dogs, the health benefits of eating this food are amazing, dogs absolutely thrive on it,” Mandelbaum told TheDC. “The reason for the food is, there’s a big void in the market place for pet food…We’re sort of doing this to say, we’re saying our products are human grade and this is what we mean. We mean that we’re comfortable eating them for months straight.”

Evermore uses “high-quality human consumable high-grade ingredients” with USDA certified antibiotic and hormone-free meats, which are cooked in a USDA kitchen in a nutritionally balanced way to meet a dog’s needs.

Evermore sells two human-edible products at varying prices ($11-$14), as the New York City area is an expensive place to live and own a pet. There are currently two flavors on the market: Beef and chicken. Mandelbaum and Weiner have tried both but Mandelbaum says the chicken is much better than the beef, which is stronger in taste. Mandelbaum added that the business is looking into producing cat food and more flavors.

Tanis Miller, a renowned mom blogger and parenting author, told TheDC that she thinks Evermore is “great” but not not something she’d keep around her house.

“I wish it all the success in the world,” Miller told TheDC. “However, from a parental stand point there is just no way I’m going to eat (or let my children) watch me eat dog food. Unless I was starving. And which at that point I’d forage for berries like local wild life before eating dog food mostly because I’m sure it tastes like dog food.”

Miller added that it could be problematic to give her kids the idea that they could eat anything they want.

“[I]f I had toddlers in the house I wouldn’t want them thinking they could put just anything in their mouths and I certainly wouldn’t want them fighting with our pets over the food bowl,” Tanis told TheDC. “I’m raising heathens already. It’s bad enough trying to train the kids not to feed the pets table scraps and curb the four legged begging that runs rampant around these parts, I certainly wouldn’t want it muddying up the waters by having the kids know they can all share the same kibble.”

Mir Kamin, another top mom blogger, told TheDC that most high quality dog food is probably harmless for people to eat, and she addressed the possibility that young children could try to eat dog food.

“Evermore strikes me as playing up their ‘safety’ to boost sales,” Kamin told TheDC. “[M]y understanding is that any 6-star dog food is safe for human consumption (although it probably won’t appeal to a human palate). I doubt even cruddy dog foods are any less safe than something like Twinkies…My kids never tried to eat dog food when they were little, but honestly, of all the things parents have to worry about, freaking out over the possibility of a kid snacking on kibble never topped my list!”

[WATCH: Evermore founders eat human-edible dog chow]

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