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Peekaboo! Stars who aren’t above taking revealing cell phone pictures [SLIDESHOW]

Pop singer Miley Cyrus says time and time again that she can’t be tamed, and we’re beginning to believe it. After grinding up on then-44-year-old film producer, Adam Shankman while she was still a minor, Cyrus was under major media scrutiny for doing bong hits of salvia. She has most recently made headlines for taking revealing photographs of herself in nothing but a tank top, black bra, and pair of white underwear.

Cyrus is not the only celebrity to have taken eyebrow raising pictures of herself with a cell phone camera. Last week, “Easy A” actress Amanda Bynes returned to Twitter and posted scandalous Twitpics on her public account. Believe it or not, famous figures are not above the MySpace-esque bathroom photos. Here are a few snapshots of famous people who made the mistake of taking inappropriate, private pictures.

Click an image below for larger version.
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  • thephranc

    Those pictures of Hana Montana are “Revealing”. She’s revealed more on the beach.

  • Citizen Jerry

    It’s a sad day when our culture can no longer tell the difference between sexy and skanky.