Documentation, observers say Trump ‘communist’ accusation against Michael Moore not too far off

Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff remark labeling activist filmmaker Michael Moore as a “communist” during an appearance on Fox News earlier this month may not be too far off, according to observers and documentation.

The Donald made the comment responding to an accusation from Moore that Wisconsin and the rest of the nation were not broke because the wealthy were not fairly distributing their money.

“This is like in other words: ‘Everybody’s cash is everybody’s cash’. It’s sort of interesting. Castro in the good old days used to say the exact same thing, right?” Trump asked.

Evidence shows Moore has a long history of pro-communist sympathies dating back to at least 1986 when he was fired from Mother Jones magazine for refusing to publish an article by Paul Berman that was critical of the communist Sandinistas’ human rights record.

“The article was flatly wrong and the worst kind of patronizing bullshit,” Moore was quoted by Alexander Cockburn as saying in an article that appeared in The Nation magazine that same year.

Moore even expressed admiration for Castro in his 1997 book “Downsize This.”

The filmmaker also spoke at the 1998 Socialist Scholars Conference at the City University of New York, which was sponsored by the university’s chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. The theme of the conference that year was “One Hundred and Fifty Years After The Communist Manifesto.”

An October 2002 capture of Moore’s website from Archive.org shows him recommending links to the Democratic Socialists of America and Solidarity: A Socialist Feminist Organization.

“Michael Moore is a communist Leninist, Stalinist,” political commentator and former leftist David Horowitz told The Daily Caller, noting the Mother Jones Sandinista episode.

But Horowitz’s colleague and fellow former communist-turned-conservative activist Ron Radosh disagrees with Horowitz’s description of Moore as a “communist”, saying the filmmaker is more of a garden variety ‘60s neo-Marxist radical than a Marxist-Leninist in the mold of the Communist Party USA.

“He is anti-American, pro any activism, and a demagogue,” Radosh told TheDC. “CPrs [communist party members] were shrewder and more ideological, adhering to a line. Moore knows nothing about Marxism and couldn’t care less about it.

“I would call him a far-left extremist and radical, who follows the most extreme trajectory of the 60’s New Left.”

Although Radosh declines to describe Moore as a communist, he said the DSA and CPUSA have grown closer together ideologically in recent years.

Moore’s spokespeople did not respond to a request for comments.

  • Asteriks

    Actually, Michael Moore admitted in so many words to being a Marxist when Sicko came out three years ago, albeit only in an interview to a French daily…


    In an interview with Le Monde, Moore tells Thomas Sotinel that, in a scene in Sicko,

    “I film myself on Marx’s tomb. Nobody mentioned it. In the reviews in America, they wrote, ‘it’s his least political film.’ And I say: ‘Dude, I am on Marx’s Tomb!’ Do I need to take out a baseball bat and hit them on the head [for them to understand]?!”

  • davidjacksmith

    We’ve been stuck with the arbitary left-right axis since 1791 and the seating in the French Assembly.

    LEFT and RIGHT are now quite meaningless. One has only to look at the National Socialists and the Communisists to know that they share virtually everthing in common, because they operate from an immutable belief in the primacy of the state and the coercion of people to a rigid ideology which has an answer for everything.

    The idea that one is left (communists) and the other is right( Nazis) is absurd. They are the same. They are collectivist, totalitarian and anti-individual.

    That is the political divide and should be the descritive, in place of the crude left and right.

  • jmk1502

    Of course Moore is a dirty commie. As a matter of fact, anyone not belonging to the far-right loonytoon fringe is a dirty commie. MAYBE we’ll just label moderates as socialist.

    • davidjacksmith

      I’m confident we can label you moderately idiotic.

  • Yea_ISaidIt

    Moore is worth an estimated 50 million…so when is he planning to ‘Spread the Wealth’? I will gladly take a Mil of his hands and put it to good use.

    • davidjacksmith

      EAT THE RICH — sliced and diced, Moore alone could feed a small African country for a day — think of the transfat.

  • truebearing

    Moore is a hypocrite, which is not unusual on the left. He is capitalistic in that he profits from his movies, which are basically leftist lies. So in effect, he is doing what Arianna Huffington is doing: selling Marxist lies back to the idiot left for a huge profit. What a racket.

    There’s money to be made selling lies to fools. Moore has proven it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Cole/100000905382846 Will Cole

    As has been said Michael certainly is not a communist-as a matter of fact I don`t know that there is a clear cut understanding as to just what a communist is, or was.

  • riseabove

    As they say, garbage in…garbage out.

    The entertainment industry and the advertising industry have been lowering their standards for decades until now we have hundreds of thousands of people competing for content which increasingly becomes more and more smutty and bizarre. That’s what sells. How many have gotten rich from trashiness, from pushing the envelope?

    Not once have I seen any of these activist celebrities give up all their wealth to help feed, clothe and house the destitute they’re always bemoaning about. They need fresh material in order to maintain their lavish lifestyles and there’s only so much quality content out there. We’ve seen this in the way that comedic routines have devolved into nothing more than political rants, insults and fart jokes. These people have huge mortgages, expensive cars and clothes, housekeepers and gardeners, upkeep and maintenance, and so on and so on. To get the work they have to keep competing with each other and they keep reaching for something new, something different but there isn’t anything new and so it all becomes one great big stinky pile of dirty laundry being sold to the general public.

    If they really cared about the plight of the common man, they’d use their fortunes to help make our lives a little bit easier. But they won’t do that because their egos are swollen. They truly believe they’re better, smarter and more talented than the average person. And by displaying a certain amount of compassion in front of the media, they get to reduce some of that guilt that comes along with fame.

  • cnter91

    It’s pretty obvious Michael Moore is a leftist. I don’t know if “communist” applies, and I think the term has lost the sting it used to have during the Cold War, but it’s no secret he is on the far-left..
    Why is this news? He made his anti-capitalist politics quite clear in “Capitalism: A Love Story.”
    Deep down though, Michael Moore is a regular American opportunist, and makes tons of money from bad documentaries (ok, I liked “Roger and Me.”). He’s similar to Jerry Fallwell in that sense–ripping people off in the name of a sacred ideology. That considered, he fits in quite nicely with the biggest advocates of capitalism in America.

  • mcgirv

    You are correct sir! He is a commie! A fat one!

  • rockon53

    Michael Moore may be one of the greatest defenders of the working class. Moore study to to be a priest before becoming the voice of working people. I like to know where is Trump nationalism or does it stop at how to go bankrupt that all he has to offer . Trump has made himself a authority bankruptcy. I like to know where is the nationalism of those 400 people with 50 percent of the nation wealth. For all the talk about of patriotism the corporate elite are never ask to give to their country. When they create a job in America on American soil then give them a tax break and only then. It time to asks the corporate elite to stand up and pay their fair share for God and country. Where is their nationalism up until now it looks like lip service to me. Ask the top 400 to start caring for their country today. The corporate elite have gotten away with for to long without paying their fair share. It’s time to put up or shut up love or leave it. The corporate elite have gotten tax breaks at the expensive Social Security. The money used to give tax breaks to the wealthy came from Social Security. The capitalist are never asks to give to their country. Trump only cares about corporate welfare.