Puny bully punches classmate, gets slammed into ground [VIDEO]

Skinny bully picks fight with hefty classmate and subsequently gets thrown down.

  • varelag

    Never liked bullies, glad he got his! I think its really sorry that the kid getting bullied was suspended for 22 days while the other little punk got to stay in school! It should have been the other way around!

  • duane

    It is always good to see a “BULLY” get pay-back..

  • robjh1

    Is this for real?

  • hogwild

    Good for that kid. A group of them cornered him, and then assaulted him.

    That’s probably not going to happen again tomorrow.

    The only thing that would have made this better if he snatched up that second larger bully and put him in the hurt locker too, just to drive the point home that he should be left alone.

  • H_Tuttle

    Looks like a broken leg. GOOD.

  • KGC

    Oh, I LOVE it! That punk thought his homies had his back. Uh, not so much! What a hoot!

  • GT

    For those who missed seeing it…… http://vimeo.com/21020148

    Incidentally, this is a good lesson on how to properly deal with terrorists and despots.