Matt Lewis

Rush Limbaugh Suggests Marco Rubio for President

I might have been the first person to suggest Marco Rubio should run for president, when I suggested it on April 6, 2010.

But the idea got a big boost Tuesday when conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh mentioned it on his nationally syndicated show.  “Marco Rubio says, ‘What is this continuing resolution crap?'” said Limbaugh, adding: “Wish the guy would run for president — Marco Rubio.”

You can listen to the audio here:

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  • RepublicansLIE

    Handsome? I don’t rate men.
    Well spoken? I’ll pass. We can do better
    Right wing conservative? Not good.
    Summary: Tea Partiers will never get elected. They are not viewed in a positive light and have a lot of anger and bitterness towards the American people. Rubio is NOT the answer.

  • jmk1502

    Rubio shouldn’t be elected as dogcatcher, the proven crook.

    U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio charged grocery bills, repairs to the family minivan and purchases from a wine store less than a mile from his West Miami home to the Republican Party of Florida while he was speaker of the Florida House, according to records obtained by the St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald. ….. Those expenses include a $1,000 charge at Braman Honda in Miami for repairs to the family car in January 2008. Rubio said the minivan was damaged by parking attendants at a political function and that the party agreed to cover half of his insurance deductible. The party also paid $2,976 for him to rent a car in Miami for five weeks.

    Nuff said.

  • Jasmine Clark

    yeah he needs to wait. he’s too inexperienced. but i do like him.

  • jeffincos

    Seriously? Another freakin’ state speaker? We already have one of those. Let’s find the youngest, most inexperienced politician around and elect him President. That worked. Lots of people voted for Obama, it could work for Rubio.

    What is it about Rubio? Handsome? Check. Well spoken? Check. Right wing conservative? Check. Being to the far edges of your party doesn’t mean you’re the best candidate around.

    Let’s hold off on the inaguration.