Matt Lewis

Sharron Angle: Third Time’s a Charm?

RollCall reports,

Nevada Republican Sharron Angle announced Tuesday that she is running for the open 2nd district. Her announcement came in a video posted to her campaign website, and she tweeted a link to her redesigned campaign website.

My take: Angle has had two shots at Congress — first when she lost a 2006 GOP House primary to Rep. Heller, and more recently, when she blew a golden opportunity to oust Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the 2010 General Election.

Harry Reid should have been retired — and if the GOP had fielded a good (or even mediocre) candidate, he would have been.

Angle would likely not have won the GOP nomination last year were it not for the help of outside groups, including the Tea Party Express and The Club for Growth, which poured in money in support of her cause.  She simply can’t win on her own — and propping her up has grown tiresome.

To be sure, Angle was a solid conservative vote in the Nevada Assembly, but she was clearly an inept and incompetent campaigner.

She can run if she wants to, that’s her right, but conservatives should think twice before pouring more of their money down the drain.

(Note: This is not to say she would lose a General Election, but that she has had her chance. My guess is that her tenure in Congress would be just as ignominious as her campaign.)

You can watch her announcement video here.

  • leilani

    I can certainly understand why donors nationally wouldn’t want to put their money on her again. But if we learned anything from the last election, it was that if the electorate wasn’t as thrilled with risking their votes on the Tea Party’s neophyte ‘unknown quantity’ candidates for 6-year Senate seats, the same voters were a lot less reticent to do so with 2-year House seats.

    The electorate in Nevada seems awfully tolerant of gaffe-prone pols – Reid himself puts Angle to shame on that score almost daily. So maybe with all her faults she might have better luck with a more narrowly drawn electorate in a more TP friendly district?

    But Angle better hope that if these out-of-state groups such as Tea Party Express & Sarah Palin do decide to ‘help’ in this race, that they keep it low-profile.

    It’s hard to imagine that voters of any persuasion particularly welcome being told by people who don’t even live in their jurisdictions how they should vote as ham-handedly as some Tea Party advocates did last time out by injecting themselves into primaries in such a high profile & aggressive way (& in an ironic way, too, for people supposedly extolling the virtues of grass roots control over the ballot box.) That often has a tendency to backfire, as we have seen in NY23 and Delaware & elsewhere.

    The more choices the merrier, but may Nevada’s primary voters (AKA the grass roots) choose for THEMSELVES the best candidate with the best chance to win their own general election this time.

  • tom kinney

    This was a massive mistake on the part of the Tea Party and Palin both. You have to expect this kind of overreach from a nascent group like the Tea Party and a perpetually not-ready-for-prime-time personage like Palin, but it shouldn’t be allowed to happen a second time. Either in Nevada or anywhere else, as WitchGirl in Deleward also blew a chance to take over the senate.