Mark Levin to GOP leadership: ‘You’re not going to talk to us this way and get away with it’

An article published Wednesday by The Daily Caller’s Jonathan Strong revealed that, behind the scenes, there is some dissension in the Republican ranks about which tack the party should take with its budget negotiations. That drew the ire of conservative talker Mark Levin. On his Wednesday evening radio broadcast, he blasted the Republican leadership.

“Boy, do we lack intelligent spokesmen in the Republican leadership,” Levin said. “All we get are these hair-dried, platitudinous politicians who have been around forever, honest to God.”

According to Levin, Speaker of the House John Boehner made a strategic blunder by dismissing the notion that a government shutdown would be used as a bargaining chip with President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats.

“Let me explain something to The Daily Caller, let me explain something to Mr. Boehner – you weakened yourself,” he said. “You weakened your own hand, you weakened the Republican Party, but more importantly you’re undermining conservative principles and the case we need to make. Why do you think Obama’s not negotiating with you, Mr. Boehner? Why do you think Mr. Reid could care less what you have to say? Because you have now backed yourself into a corner. They know your recent $6 billion in cuts. They know very well because those were the cuts they offered and same with the $4 billion before that. Those $10 billion in cuts were offered by the liberal Democrats. Now what are you going to do?”


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Levin said the leadership should have explained what a government shutdown would entail instead of making the case that the GOP wouldn’t shut the government down. Later, he said conservatives made the GOP takeover of the House possible and they can take that away as well.

“We’re going to clean out the swamp here,” Levin said. “We’re going to deal with the weak underbelly, whether they like it or not. You guys are going to learn to hate me and hate us more and more when you’re out on your asses looking for a job and can’t find one with the almost 10 percent unemployed and the almost 20 percent underemployed and unemployed. You’re going to learn to hate me and hate the tens of millions of people who put you in office because we can drag you the hell out of office too. You’re not going to talk to us this way and get away with it – I can tell you that right now.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Lucas/1668431048 Tim Lucas

    Levin is not attacking the tea party. There is a dis-connect between the tea party and republicans. Republicans are not the conservative party they were and have bought into the idea of big government because many are career politicians. Tea party is back to basics. Constitutionally driven. There are 54 Tea Party conservatives at this time. John Boehner is not a Tea Party member and got to this position only because the House was flooded with conservatives which included Tea Party conservatives. Levin is a patriot and if you think anything else you’re just not too bright.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Rouselle/1623800110 Donald Rouselle

      I could not possibly said it better myself! Thank you.

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  • kingfish


  • sunnyr

    Boehner and McConnell are on notice! If they keep acting like “the good old boys” who were almost as reckless with OUR MONEY as the Loony Liberals, they will be OUT!!! Boehner comes off like an impotent jerk, not a LEADER. And McConnell is all mouth! Time for them to retire!

  • Jeugenen

    Levin and Steyn, notorious NeoCon Israelists working in collusion with Setanyahu, are members of the cabal serving the Israel. They played leading propaganda roles in instigating and sustaining the illegal and catastrophically ruinous war against Iraq, which caused the deaths of many thousands of Americans, British, Europeans, and Iraqi citizens for sole benefit of the of Israel. Now, this pair of accomplished character assassins desperately attacking Boehner and the Tea Party Nationalists, is striving to perpetuate Israel’s 60 years of robbing and massacring Palestinians, warmongering against Arab and Iranian neighbors, assassinating presidents, and extorting economic and military aid from the Americans.

    • virginiagentleman

      YOU are not TEA PARTY! YOU are a NAZI, you piece of dung!

      • kingfish

        NAZIs are those who REFUSE to let others express their opinions, and LIBS call others names.

      • kingfish

        And YOU are not a “gentleman” by any stretch of the imagination.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Lucas/1668431048 Tim Lucas

      You need to put the crack pipe down and step away.

  • Callie369

    You tell them Mark!!!!

    If every senator and rep knew just HALF of what Mark Levin knows about the constitution, we would be better off.

    Dumbama knows absolutely NOTHING about the constitution, which is pretty sad for someone who claims to be a constitutional lawyer!!!! I would really hate to have been one Dumbama’s students. It would be a shame to spend the money for a college course and learn NOTHING because the instructor knew NOTHING about the subject..

  • kingfish

    Since the U.S. congress “rolls over” for everything the NWO power brokers and the U.N. want (they got the U.S. involved in ANOTHER WAR today, led of course by U.S. forces and money), I call for the ABOLISHMENT OF CONGRESS! All they are is a RUBBER STAMP FOR THE U.N. and the elites who push perpetual war and poverty.

    To top this off, Geithner is BACK, asking for another rise in the DEBT CEILING which, of course, congress will “ROLL OVER” and give him. They’ve shown they have no interest in “really” CUTTING SPENDING or abolishing non-working departments like Dept of Education.

    By having so-called “representatives of the people” in Congress, we are acquiesing to every ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW they pass against we, THE PEOPLE. We do NOT approve of what they’re doing; yet they keep doing it. ABOLISH THE WHOLE CONGRESS, and the people take back our power. The ELITES can’t bribe the whole U.S. population to keep warring, only the 535. These 535 DO NOT REPRESENT US.