Quayle defends Obama’s golf habit

Many on the right have scrutinized President Obama’s leisure activities in recent days, questioning his commitment to dealing with international crises while he spends time on the links or fills out an NCAA tournament bracket for ESPN.

Former Republican Vice President Dan Quayle defended Obama Wednesday, saying on the Fox Business Network that the president’s time on the golf course does not take away from his ability to lead.

“I’m glad he’s out playing golf. I happen to be a golfer,” Quayle said. “I think presidents deserve down time. And believe me, he is in constant communication with what’s going on.”

Faced with the argument that Obama’s golf habit sends a message of disconnect, Quayle responded, “I mean, what do you want him to do, stay in his house and be on the phone with the ambassador to Japan all the time?”

H/T: The Hill

  • Amazingoly

    Mr. Quayle, I respectfully disagree with you. A president who golfs too much, vacations too much, parties too much is out of touch with his or her job. I am right, and you, sir, are wrong.

  • dirtytricksjusttowin

    Mr. Quayle, you don’t know what you are saying. Obama and his family had too much down time already. He needs to start sacrificing and do what he preaches the American people about sacrificing for the country.

    Mr. Quayle, are you a Rhino?

    Stop giving this President the benefit of the doubt. That is for the Lame Stream Media to do..ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and New York Times.

  • philipjames

    Look… you are elected to the highest office in the country and the most powerful position on the entire planet. It is only 4 friggin years. You mean you can’t go full bore for a lousy four years? Then don’t run for the friggin job.
    Need down time… then wait four friggin years and you can have 20 years of friggin down time.
    I call bull crap on this… its the most important job anyone can have. If you want it, own it. Don’t friggin cry like a baby because it is a lot of work.
    The real reason Obama is golfing is because he doesn’t give a sh*t about any of you… he is accomplishing what he intended… which is the dismantling of America so there can be redistribution of wealth to his race.. the black race. The beneficiary of Obamacare, all the new tax regulations, Green jobs, socialism, and on and on and on.

  • TrueLiberal

    What’s the problem? Think about it for a minute! Whole stretches of time where Obama is not actively engaged in destroying the country! Actually, I wonder if there is a way we can persuade Obama to spend ALL his time on the golf course.

  • ladylove

    there is a difference between playing a little golf, and always playing golf, and it is not just the golf

    it’s the basketball

    it’s the endless parties

    it’s the endless vactions. last year he took a vacation before he took a vacation, and then he took a vacation after he took a vacation,

    it’s the constant campaigning,

    he tells the reat of us to tighten our belts, lower our thermostats, and put air in our tires, and all the while he keeps the oval office hot enough to grow orchids, he has one of the largest carbon footprints in history, and he and his wifes lavish lifestyle is a disgrace.

    he himself stated he finds every way possible to get out of Washington, whenever possible.

    how about how he and his wife rode in seperate planes to go to Copenhagan to vie for the Olympics for Chicago.

    then the trips to accept an award he never earned.

    every week he brings in celebrities to party hardy.

    and lets not forget, his wife demands he be in their living quarters as much as possible.

    no Mr. Quayle, it isn’t just the golf, it is the golf and everything else combined.

    Obama spends as little time as he can doing his job, and that is the real problem.

    • Jess81

      Oh yes, indeed. You covered things very nicely….I would like to mention though that watching Michelle wearing clothes 2 sizes too small while giving me permission to have a piece of pie on Thanksgiving and haranging us all about healthy eating while she scarfs down 3 lb lobsters and Kobe beef is a tad irritating. While I’m cutting coupons and designing weekly menus based on what’s on sale this week, she apparently believes eating healthy is as simple as “planting a garden”.

      I shan’t even mention her $500 tennis shoes and $8000 purse (because last week she carried a purse than only cost $1000 as a nod to those Americans suffering under her brand of nobless oblige).

  • leadrunner

    I understand that everyone needs down time. I enjoy my weekends, but am also on call at all times. I am also quite jealous of my vacation time, such as it is. But, this empty suit asked for this job knowing the demands, and has had more down time than up time. If he wants to play golf, fine, but he has had more vacations in the last two years than I have had hot dinners. Come on 2012.

  • escomments

    He looks dead! Does he have enough makeup on?

    • AtomicAsphalt

      Yea, who does his make-up? A mortuary?

  • tdpwells

    Quayle is right in the sense that the President never really goes on a vacation – it’s not like he stops being President just because he leaves the WH. I thought it was stupid when that barb was lobbed at W because of his time spent at Crawford.

    That being said, W still got stuff done when outside the four walls of the Oval Office. You have people freaking out in CA buying anti-radiation pills and two conflicting reports (yeah it’s a good idea, no there’s no threat) from officials out there and Obama is like the invisible man unless March Madness is mentioned.

    • ladylove

      now you have to admit, Obama tries very hard to treat the presidency like a part time job, and nothing more.

    • Jess81

      The memorial in Tucson? People are killed by maniacs all the time and life goes on. The President who gave a speech on school yard bullying and a lecture on extreme rhetoric didn’t (and continues to “didn’t”) say a word as his most loyal supporters punched, pushed and destroyed their way through Wisconisin, Ohio, Michigan and DC.

      Crawford isn’t a 5-star hotel in Spain and a $30,000 a week house on Martha’s Vinyard. I don’t think I’d say a word if Barry and Michelle wanted to fly back to Chicago to their home base. And W gave up golf after he sent troops into harms way. Did you know that in 2010 we lost more men in Afghanistan than the previous 9 years?

      I doubt President Cool ever remembers he’s sent men and women to their death in the mid-East and have you heard any stories about his taking time to visit the wounded without cameras or meeting the arrival of dead heros? Me neither.

  • ScarboroughCountry

    I don’t think Pres. Obama was wrong to this situation. Just like I don’t think John Boehner was immoral for holding a fundraiser during the Tucson memorial. These are things that are planned out in advance, and for a politician to have no down time whatsoever is silly. Let them breathe occasionally.