Union supporters spout conspiracy theories, hand out ‘Koch Suckers’ outside Gov. Walker’s D.C. event [VIDEO]

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After the police broke up an infiltration by left-wing union members of a Washington, D.C., building where Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was holding a private event Wednesday evening, a few union members hung around outside to share their thoughts with conservatives as they exited the Walker event.

One woman, who identified herself as Carol but wouldn’t tell The Daily Caller her last name, had a slew of homemade colorful cardboard lollipop-looking signs to give to each conservative she saw. On each, she wrote: “Koch Sucker,” adding that whoever gave money to Republican candidates was a “Koch Sucker.”

TheDC was on the scene to record the messages the left-wing protesters wanted to send to Walker and his supporters.

  • truebearing

    The left is primarily made up of people with mental, drug, alcohol, sexual, and spiritual problems. They are vulgar, violent, ruthless low-lifes who, having failed in life, hate those who haven’t. Rather than work to better themselves, they come up with juvenile, potty mouthed slogans and protest anytime their parasitic lifestyle is threatened. It’s really sad.

  • southernandproud

    God help the people in Wisconsin is this woman is a teacher. Tacky Carol with her tacky and adolescent behavior says it all about these crazy people. I think their brains are not beyond the 12-year-old level.

  • StopGovtBondage

    The Democrats/Progressives, and union bullies – have an unhealthy obsession with the Koch brothers….it is a fixation.

    It is also a classic Saul Alinsky tactic – isolate a target, put a name on it, and demonize it….

    Dems/Progressives/Unions – clenched fisted angry violent mob…bullies – and liars.

    • talibangelical

      You are so right! At least that is what George Soros tells me to think.

  • Siridh

    If Wisconsin backs unions, let them. When their state goes broke and there are no private sector jobs to pay for those cushy public sector jobs, let Soros foot the bill. The American taxpayer will not. By the way, if we want to fleece the rich how about beginning with Soros and Michael Moore?

    Same for California — wanna hand out freebies upon freebies, wanna go broke, don’t look east for help.

    Why progressives can not do basic math is beyond me, I wonder what their checkbooks look like.