Lobby critic raises campaign cash at lobbyist’s house

Betty Sutton is a Democratic member of Congress from Ohio and member of the House Armed Services Committee who is proud of her legislative work to rein in the influence of lobbyists in Washington.

John Weinfurter is a prominent Washington lobbyist who lives on Capitol Hill, with a roster of corporate clients that include the big military contractor SAIC Inc.

You might not think these two would get along, but apparently they do, because Mrs. Sutton recently attended a fundraising party in her honor at Mr. Weinfurter’s Capitol Hill home.

Neither Mrs. Sutton’s office nor Mr. Weinfurter returned telephone and e-mail messages concerning the March 14 evening fundraiser.

Mrs. Sutton has made a name for herself pushing for lobbying reforms since she came to Congress four years ago. Her congressional Web page says she has taken action to “break the ties between politicians in Washington and those who seek to buy their influence.”

Full Story: Lobby critic raises campaign cash at lobbyist’s house – Washington Times

  • ladylove

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    and Obama had no problem going to the Ayer’s, and asking them to help him launch his political career, and at their own home.

    seems wrong is wrong, no matter who does it, and for whatever reasons.

    but then Ms Sutton thinks as so many politicians do, it is wrong when someone else does it, not when they do it.

    this woman should resign, and resign immediately, she knew exactly what she was doing.

    but alas they will do nothing, as they always do.