Pat Buchanan questions U.S. intervention in Libya: ‘This is an Arab crisis. Arabs are killing Arabs’

While some are debating the legality of President Barack Obama’s Libya policy and others are questioning the rationale of the president’s military strategy in the country, MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan is wondering why the United States is traveling half-way around the world to play any role at all?

On Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, network contributor Pat Buchanan questioned the basis of U.S. involvement in Libya and wondered why countries neighboring Libya don’t intervene instead?

“You’re dead right – [Sen. John] McCain and [Sen. Joe] Lieberman and the fellow from South Carolina [Sen. Lindsey Graham], they’re yelling about attacking this guy and that guy,” Buchanan said. “We have no right to do those attacks. But look – the Arab League has, so-called, authorized this. Why in the devil are the Egyptians who have 85 million people when Libya has got six? Why is their army not moving into Tobruk? Why is their army not moving into Benghazi?”

According to the former Republican presidential contender and senior adviser to former Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, if these nations would intervene, the crisis would end quickly.

“This is an Arab crisis. Arabs are killing Arabs,” Buchanan continued. “Why is the United States, all the way across the ocean, got to go in and stop Arabs from killing Arabs when they could have done that job themselves? The Egyptians and the other Arabs – there’s 35 million people in Algeria. There’s 10 million in Tunisia. All they got to do is send their army across the border, secure Benghazi and Tobruk in the east and the other cities in the west and this would be over. Why are we in there?”


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  • Ledger

    Easy test to decide intervention in the middle east. Did the people of the country dance in the streets with pleasure on 911? If so, let them deal with it by themselves and cut off all oil purchases from that country. As I recall, the Palestinians and Pakistanies danced, but I’m not sure about the other countries.

  • virginiagentleman

    Wrong conclusion again, Pat! It is even more personal than arabs killing arabs; human beings are killing human beings, PAT! Race, culture, country, religion, should not be a facter at all,PAT! Human beings are killing human beings,PAT! Is there such a deep dark hole in your spirit that you can’t understand? One group wants to throw out a tyrant, gain themselves some of that freedom stuff. The tyrant wants to continue his tyrany. Simple isn’t it? But when one side begins to SLAUGHTER men, women and children and publicly threatens to commit even more barbaric deeds, you want to watch? If it were arabs vs jews, irish vs english, black vs white, yellows vs reds, what the hell does it matter?!! I tell you that, as an American vetern, I was horrified by the SLAUGHTER of RETREATING Iraqi troops. No honor won there by our government, those troops were whipped and reduced as a serious threat. Nothing on earth can stand up to our military machine at present. Understand this, war is war! Slaughter is depraved. Now France and England and Italy as well as others want to put a stop to the slaughter, level the playing field and I say let them. As a strict constitutional conservetive, I have trouble saying this, was Obama’s decision legal under the constitution, I’m not sure, but he and the others made a very HUMAN decision. The worrys of who comes next after Gaddafi, belongs to the Libyan people, not to us. Will they get it right? Maybe we should offer them a copy of our constitution to ponder?

  • JoeJ

    Hi Stockholm Crybaby – do you have any tears left for those bad bad Zionists that have terrorized you so cruelly? With you they have played the victimhood card to a tee! You have bought into their victimhood with your whole being.

    I am starting losing hope that you will ever escape their clutches – poor you.

    But I am smiling – telling the truth – happy is me.

    Be like Joe!

    • JoeJ

      Yes – this is to you thephranc – good luck little guy.

  • JoeJ

    On Morning Joe this morning The Zionist Of The Day (which one does not matter, there is always at least one) was pumping out the lie that we “saved a holocaust, a genocide – we saved 70,000 lives” in Libya. The truth is that the total deaths in Libya up until our attack, were in the low hundreds. So as usual, the Zionist was telling a big fat lie.

    The truth is we are in Libya because the US neocon Zionists wanted us to be there!

    We are fighting another war for Zionism!

    When are the American people going to get it?

    • bigalsouth

      Joossss!!!! Oil!!! Jooosss!!! Oil!!!! Jooosss!!! Oil!!

      Make up your dang mind.

      • JoeJ

        Dang it – the truth about those mean old Zionists keeps getting in the way – dab nang it! Me soooooo sorry!

        • pansycritter

          It’s, “dagnabbit.”

    • thephranc

      Why are you a jew hating bigot POS stormfront joe?

  • thephranc

    Geography tells me that Libya is in Africa and many hundreds of miles from Arabia where arabs live.

  • GeniousIQ

    Where were all of you in 2003?

    • bigalsouth

      Well, Genious, I was right here, supporting US military action to topple the Afghan Taliban Government which provided protection for the 9/11 murderers; and I was right here supporting military action to topple a threat to world peace, Saddam Hussein, who was pursuing a WMD program and trying to obtain a nuke capability.

      I suppose you were suckling on your mother’s teat in ’03.

      • logic

        FYI…Washington DC is another threat to world peace.

      • GeniousIQ

        Gaddafi has supported attacks against the US, US citizens and US interests for years. The same can’t be said of Saddam Hussein. Yet going into Iraq was justified but Libya isn’t?

  • KenInIL

    The guy who wants to step in and save lives needs to be volunteered as an Afgan negotiator or maybe a negotiator for the Coptic Christians in Egypt. He needs a little boots on the ground experience. Sending all these libs over to the troubled areas is one way of disposing of them.